10 Happiest Moments For Any Martial Artist

There’s no doubt that martial artists are some of the happiest people on Earth – and why shouldn’t they be? They’re all goal-oriented people, focused on becoming the best versions of themselves possible. Reaping the benefits of this, definitely makes them undeniably happy and grateful throughout their martial arts journey.

Today, Evolve Daily counts down the 10 Happiest Moments for Any Martial Artist. We’re sure you’ve experienced at least one or more of these moments!

1) Seeing your life transform

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Instead of spending countless hours stuck behind a desk or drinking away empty calories at a bar, you’ve now found a better purpose in life. Every day, you wake up with a smile on your face, knowing that you are going to train. You’ve chosen to change your life for the better, 1% a day!


2) Making lifelong friends. 


If you spend hours and hours several days a week with the same group of people, they’ll eventually become great friends. After all, what’s better than hanging out with people sharing the same interests as you?


3) Getting promoted to the next level. 


After putting in countless hours into your training, your instructor calls you up to the front of the class and rewards you for it: you’ve officially leveled up! Realizing that your instructor sees your potential and ability to advance is an awesome feeling!


4) Finally understanding a difficult technique. 


As you move up the martial arts ladder, techniques become considerably more complex and detailed. You could spend hours, days and months trying to figure it out and get it perfect. The moment you finally figure it out – well, let’s just say you could do a happy dance wherever you may be.


5) Losing weight without realizing it.


When you practice martial arts, you become so engrossed with learning techniques and perfecting them. It’s only when you step on the scale do you realize that you’ve lost weight. And why wouldn’t you? All those repetitions, warm-ups and drills – they’re all the culprits!


6) Being able to teach a technique. 


Understanding a technique and being able to execute it perfectly is one thing, but being able to successfully teach it to someone else is another. Knowing that you are able to do so truly shows your deep understanding of the art. You’ve already come so far!


7) Simply attending class. 


It’s a known fact that exercise induces endorphins, the chemicals that interact with your brain to relieve stress. Thus, just by attending class, you’ll immediately feel happier! You’ll also get to be around your teammates, another great source of happiness.


8) Getting somewhere in sparring sessions. 


Sparring sessions are a true test of where you are in your martial arts journey, especially when you’re paired up with someone who is bigger and stronger. It’s no secret that finding out that you can “beat” a worthy opponent brings a satisfying feeling. After all, you’ve conquered a great challenge!


9) Achieving victory.


Having your hand raised in victory is undoubtedly one of the greatest feelings ever. Knowing that all the hard work and effort you’ve put into training has borne fruit is definitely a dream come true!


10) Knowing that you are inspiring others to become better


Making a positive impact on people’s lives definitely makes everything feel worthwhile. Imagine others telling you how grateful they are because you’ve influenced them to make drastic, positive changes in their lives. I’m sure nothing feels better than that!
The benefits to practicing martial arts are endless. It makes us stronger physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally – motivating us to achieve the impossible.


Tell us, what has made you happy today?

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