10 Unbelievably Healthy Post-Workout Snacks

Every athlete knows that the secret to an awesome body isn’t just from spending hours in the fitness gym; it’s also what you eat. After a crazy workout session, it may be tempting to just eat whatever we want but experts say that what you eat post-workout is important in restoring energy and rebuilding muscles.

Here’s Evolve Daily’s pick of 10 of the most Unbelievably Healthy Post-Workout Snacks:

1) Chocolate Milk


Bring back your childhood memories with a refreshing and incredibly satisfying sip of cold, chocolate milk. A perfect combination of protein and carboydrates, it’s also the easiest choice especially if you’re looking for a quick fix. Chocolate milk is  also known to repair exhausted muscles and speed up recovery.


2) Salmon or Tuna Sashmi


Skip carb heavy sushi and opt for sashimi. Salmon and tuna are both known to be rich in omega-3s, which boost brain power and prevent heart disease. They’re also high in protein and vitamin D.


3) Apple Slices With Peanut Butter


Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? An apple slice with peanut butter is the best antidote to your post-workout sugar cravings. Slightly under 150 calories, this snack is enough to give you a little sugar boost but not enough to ruin your diet.


4) Protein Shake


After an intense workout, you’ll see many athletes blending their protein shakes in their shaker bottles, mixing whey protein with chocolate milk or water. Why not follow suit and make your own protein shake – add some fruit, veggies, greek yogurt and you’re good to go!


5) Greek Yogurt


When you exercise, your muscles become depleted of amino acids that help build muscle. Greek yogurt is rich in protein, which helps build up these amino acids. Find Greek yogurt too sour? Add some berries or manuka honey for extra carbohydrates!


6) Vegetable Stir-Fry


Help yourself to an extra serving of vegetables after an awesome training session. Throw some string beans, snow peas, carrots, broccoli, ginger, tofu, and edamame in a wok and fry the vegetables lightly in some coconut oil. Looking for some protein? Add some diced chicken breast or shrimp!


7) Cereal With Skim-Milk


Stay away from anything sugar coated or colorful! Choose whole-grain cereal and add 1 cup of low-fat or skim-milk to 1 cup of cereal, you’ll get a nice dose of fiber and calcium too.


8) Nuts


Nuts are a great source of protein and healthy fats. When choosing nuts to snack on, make sure you opt for roasted or baked nuts and avoid anything salted or honey-roasted. If you want to add more flavor, add a little dried fruit – but not too much!


9) Veggie Omelette


We all know that eggs are not only good for us, they’re also an easy way to get more protein in our system. Fry up an omelette with coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil and don’t scrimp on the veggies! If you’re looking for something to eat your omelette with, why not have it with a slice of whole-grain toast for some good carbohydrates ?


10) Cheese and Whole Wheat Crackers


Although it may not sound like the healthiest option, having a decent sized portion of cheese and crackers won’t do any harm. Cheese is rich in protein and calcium while whole wheat crackers give you the fiber and complex carbs you need in your diet.


So, what are you waiting for? End your workout on a high note and get snacking!


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