11 Life Hacks To Get Into The Best Shape Of Your Life!

It’s no secret that every avid gym goer has a few tricks up his or her sleeve when it comes to staying fit. They know that it’s not only the number of classes you attend; it’s also the little life hacks you learn along the way that make any grueling workout session bearable.

If you’ve just started working out, we’re sure that these tips will surely help keep you on track.

Here’s Evolve Daily‘s 11 Life Hacks For The Gym:

1) Get it out of the way


Would you consider your work schedule to be hectic? Do you find yourself absolutely exhausted after a long workday? Why not start your day off with an endorphin rush and move your workout to the morning? Not only will you feel awesome for the rest of the day, you probably won’t need those extra cups of coffee anymore!


2) Dress well

Evolve grappling spats

BJJ World Champion and UFC Fighter Leandro Issa wears Evolve Fight Team Rashguard and Grappling Spats.

Sure, you’re going to the gym to get sweaty but it doesn’t mean that you have to take it literally and wear sweats. Choose your favorite dri-fit workout gear in place of sloppy old t-shirts and shorts. Training martial arts? Wear your favorite gi or find a more flattering pair of Muay Thai shorts. After all, one of the reasons you’re working out is to look good, so why not look good doing it?


3) Choose your meals wisely

What you eat before and after training could make all the difference in your performance, as well as your physique. Loading up with carbs a few hours before training will give you an extra boost of energy while eating a protein-rich meal after training will help you recover faster!


4) Try cross-training

evolve mma warriorfit fitness

Evolve Fight Team Head Coach and US Olympian Heath Sims oversees another exhilarating WarriorFit class.

Our bodies are built to adapt to their environment. The more our bodies are used to certain movements, workouts or techniques, the less improvement you’ll see. Thus, the biggest threat to our bodies is monotony. Not only will it drain your enthusiasm, but you might also find yourself at a plateau. Remember, your body needs to be shocked and it needs a challenge! Why not try something new?


5) Be aware of your form


Regardless of your workout, whether it be a martial arts class or for strength and conditioning, you should be aware of your form at all times. Although it may not come naturally at first, the more you become used to it, the easier it gets! Remember, the better your form is, the more effective and injury free your workout will be!


6) Stay hydrated


As straightforward as it may sound, many gym goers forget to take frequent sips of water even during their workout. The more hydrated you are, the less tired you’ll feel. Drink water throughout your workout, as well as before and after for better results!


7) Find a training buddy


2x BJJ World Champion Teco Shinzato demonstrates his favorite techniques with UFC fighter and BJJ World Champion Leandro “Brodinho” Issa.

Sometimes, we all need a bit of motivation to keep us going. Why not find that motivation in a training buddy? You’ll encourage each other to workout more because you both have goals that you want to reach. You can also help each other avoid cheating on your diets and motivate each other on lazy days!


8) Don’t pay attention to the clock


Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion and current ONE Strawweight Champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke demonstrates the fine details of the upper cut.

When we attend classes, we tend to focus on the time especially when it’s right up there for everyone to see. We find ourselves counting the minutes till water break or even till the class ends, distracting us from the lesson at hand. Next time, ignore the clock and focus on your workout. Before you know it, the lesson is over and you would have received all the benefits possible from the class. Try it!


9) Always keep your gym bag in your car or at work

Evolve MMA gym bag

Keeping a stocked gym bag in your car or at work will assure that you won’t ever miss a class because you forgot your stuff. Also, even if you weren’t planning on working out, having your gym bag on hand makes spur-of-the-moment workout sessions so much easier to do!


10) Track your progress


Tracking your progress through a fitness journal or simply jotting notes on your phone could make all the difference to your fitness journey. Knowing where you started and how far you’ve come could motivate you on days that you need it the most!


11) Challenge yourself

Jake Butler working techniques with UFC Fighter Tom Lawlor

ONE Superstar Jake Butler is working his techniques with UFC Fighter Tom Lawlor.

Being on the path of constant self-improvement is never easy. There are challenges you must overcome, which isn’t always so pleasant. But it’s that satisfying feeling of knowing that you’ve accomplished a goal you’ve worked so hard on that makes it even sweeter. Instead of waiting for your instructor to set goals for you; challenge yourself instead. Set mini-goals each training session and see how far you can go. You might just surprise yourself!


So, are you ready to devote yourself to becoming a better you? All you need are these simple life hacks to get your fitness journey going. We guarantee you’ll feel better, stronger, faster and most importantly, happier!

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