19 Signs You’re Getting Better At Martial Arts (Even If You Don’t Realize It)

The more you train martial arts, the more positive changes you see in your life. Without realizing it, you’ve become a completely different person, all thanks to martial arts. It’s no wonder that it’s easy to become completely drawn into the martial arts lifestyle. Before you realize it, a year has passed and you’re due for a promotion!

Today, Evolve Daily reveals 19 Signs You’re Getting Better At Martial Arts (Even If You Don’t Realize It):

1) You’re getting submitted less.

jana training bjj
2) You’re more flexible than you thought you were.

3) Your reaction time has become significantly faster.

muay thai sparring
4) You’ve moved onto the heavier kettlebells for WarriorFit class.

evolve mma warriorfit fitness
5) You rarely catch yourself out of breath.

6) You know what you’re talking about when you yell stuff out loud while watching ONE Championship fights.

7) The martial arts gear you own has taken over your closet.

8) You can spell the name “Namsaknoi Yudthagarngamtorn” without breaking a sweat.

9) Everyone at work knows you as the guy/girl who does martial arts.

evolve student bjj promotion
10) Your BJJ/MMA/Muay Thai notebook has never looked more complete.

11) Your teammates ask if they can borrow your notebook.

12) You can comfortably lead a warm-up.

warm up fitness
13) Your instructor asks you to lead warm-ups.

14) Your friends regularly comment on how great you look.

angela lee evolve fight team
15) You find yourself talking about martial arts all the time.

16) You’re planning on competing in a tournament.

17) You’re considering cross-training to get better at martial arts.

evolve student training muay thai
18) Your instructor has a nickname for you.

19) You actually want to eat better for performance.


When you’ve devoted a lot of your time and effort into martial arts, there’s no doubt that you will eventually become better at it. And the more devoted you become, the more you realize how much in your life has changed because of martial arts. So go on, achieve the impossible. You now know that you are capable of anything you set your mind to, all thanks to martial arts.

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