4 Fighters Who Could Replace Jose Aldo At UFC 189

Collective sighs, groans, screams and curses were heard throughout the interwebs as rumors surfaced that Jose Aldo would no longer be fighting Conor McGregor at UFC 189. The much-awaited and hyped up fight has had MMA fans talking for months, both divided on whom they would support: the reigning champion or the trash-talking, overly-confident McGregor eager to dethrone Aldo and become the new featherweight champion.

Although conclusive results have yet to be released, many fans are pessimistic about Aldo’s injury. Dana White himself is convinced that the fight will still go on. But in case it doesn’t, Evolve Daily has rounded up the 4 Fighters That Could Replace Jose Aldo At UFC 189:

1) Frankie Edgar


After pulling off one of the greatest upsets in MMA history by defeating BJ Penn, Edgar made himself a household name. In 2012, he moved to the featherweight division, putting up an impressive fight against Aldo and earning the Fight Of The Night honor. Although Edgar lost, it was most certainly a close fight. After four straight victories, there’s no doubt that Edgar is looking good and definitely a worthy contender for McGregor.


 2) Urijah Faber

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The MMA veteran has certainly been fighting for a long time. After making his debut almost twelve years ago, Faber shows no signs of slowing down. With a steady UFC career, Faber is looking to move up the ranks once again and redeem his loss to Edgar. Perhaps Faber could use this fight to prove that he still has what it takes to be a champion.


 3) Joseph Duffy


An Irish fighter just like McGregor, he is one of the only two fighters to ever defeat “The Notorious One”. In January 2015, Duffy signed with the UFC, starting his career with a TKO win in the first round. There’s no doubt that Duffy poses a threat to McGregor and possibly has what it takes to make the trash talker eat his words.


 4) Chad Mendes


Currently ranked #1 in the official UFC Featherweight rankings, Mendes probably poses the biggest threat to McGregor. A strong wrestler with dangerous knockout power, Mendes has been known to give the reigning champion a difficult time in the octagon. In 2012, Aldo’s win over Mendes sparked much controversy, with Aldo winning via KO after grabbing the fence to stop Mendes’ takedown, giving him the opportunity to deliver a winning knee. They met again in 2014, Mendes was able to knock Aldo down but ended up losing the fight via a very close unanimous decision.


With the results of Aldo’s injury up in the air, everyone is waiting with bated breath till Dana White makes his official announcement. Till then, let’s all hope that he gives one of these four serious contenders a fighting chance.

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