4 Singaporean Celebrities Who Stay In Shape In Unconventional Ways

There are many ways to stay in shape. For most everyone, this means hitting the gym, getting on that treadmill and lifting weights. But while traditional gym certainly has its limits, there are other, more interesting ways to stay in shape.

If you are a celebrity, however, there comes a certain amount of pressure to maintain a slim, healthy physique. Of course, celebrities must look great in front of cameras. For these four Singaporean celebrities, staying in shape is made easier by a handful of unconventional workout routines.

Yes, they probably hit the gym more often than not, but they certainly love to mix things up and make their workouts a little more interesting. Let’s take a look at four Singaporean celebrities who stay in shape in unconventional ways.


1) Benjamin Kheng


Benjamin Kheng kicks the heavy bag at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

These days, you can catch Benjamin Kheng pretty much almost everywhere. The 28-year old Singaporean musician slash actor has dabbled in television, theater, and the silver screen. He is a member of the Singaporean band “The Sam Willows” where lends his vocal talents and plays the keyboard and the guitar.

To say that Benjamin has many talents is an understatement. But one thing that people may not know about him is that he enjoys martial arts. In fact, Benjamin trains regularly in the striking art of Muay Thai at Evolve MMA.

This is probably why it’s so easy for him to keep in shape and maintain his youthful physique as Muay Thai is one of the most effective full-body workouts and you can burn up to 1,000 calories in an hour.


2) Zoe Tay


Image via @zoetay10

Well-loved Singaporean actress Zoe Tay may be 51 years of age, but she looks like a young supermodel in her mid-20’s. Beginning her career as a model in the late 80’s, Tay has spent the greater part of the last 30 years in show business and is today one of the most recognizable celebrities in Singapore.

The mother of three is able to keep her slimline physique by maintaining a healthy balanced diet and practicing Bikram Yoga.

Bikram Yoga is derived from traditional hatha yoga techniques and is also popularly known as hot yoga because it takes place in a steaming room heated typically to 35-42 degrees Celsius to facilitate intense sweating.

Yoga is already intense enough, but imagine doing it in a sauna. That’s essentially what Bikram Yoga is.


3) Maxi Lim

Singaporean actor Maxi Lim, popular for his role portraying “Wayang King” on the popular hit movie series “Ah Boys to Men”, was always getting cast into characters that were either bullied or fat. When Lim decided that he wanted to diversify his acting career, he knew he had to make a drastic change to his lifestyle, in order to see the physical results he wanted.

When he was introduced to martial arts by a friend who trains at Evolve MMA, Lim booked a trial class and instantly fell in love with martial arts training. He would then start training religiously, and in due time, the body transformation took place. In total, Maxi lost 17 kg!


4) Julie Tan


Image via @julietan_cxq

25-year-old rising star Julie Tan is best known as having played the role of  Fang Anya in the 2017 TV series “The Lead.” But she has been in show business since 2008, making her debut in the telemovie “The Promise” where she portrayed a girl with an intellectual disability.

Having trained at the prestigious New York Film Academy, Tan is certainly one of the most highly-versatile Singaporean artists today, capable of playing a wide variety of roles from comedy to drama.

Although she loves food and eats whatever she likes, Tan also confesses that she does not do diets. Instead, she is able to keep her slim figure through unconventional exercises such as occasionally going trekking, hiking, and swimming.

Although, one workout she absolutely dreads is running. Tan says running is “boring” and makes her “feel like a hamster.”


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