4 Things Martial Arts Teaches Us About Failure

People often seek success, it’s the natural course of life. We all want to achieve our goals, reach our dreams, and obtain our desires. Success is what every human being aspires to reach. In our quest for success, however, we often shy away from failure.

What people don’t realize is that failure is one of the most important components of success. Whether in the gym or in life, we encounter many instances of failure. Oftentimes it dampens our mood and discourages us from trying again. But there are many major lessons we can learn from failure, things we can discover about ourselves.

Martial arts teaches us the true value of failure, and in some ways, allows us to realize it’s more important than success itself. Throughout our time training martial arts, we will fail more often than we succeed. But it is because of failure that we can achieve success.

There are many lessons we will learn during our martial arts journey. On the mats or in life, one of the biggest lessons is the value of failure.

Want to know how failure can carve your pathway to success? Today, Evolve Daily shares four things we learn about failure when training in martial arts.

1) Failure is a huge part of success


Every World Champion has failed many times along their journey.

In fact, there cannot be success without failure. It’s the natural yin and yang. Whenever we set out to do something, we always expect to be successful. But the very first thing we run into on our path to success is failure.

During martial arts training, we are faced with failure on a daily basis. We fail to execute techniques correctly. We fail to land our combinations. We fail to pass guard, and then we’re submitted. We fail to achieve our short-term goals.

But every failure brings us closer to success. Each time we fail, we improve a little bit. We improve at least 1% every day. Until one day, we get it right. We perform and we execute. We achieve success. This is the reality of life as a martial artist. Through constant repetition and constant failure, we pave the way to success.

In this sense, we cannot achieve victory in any field without first tasting the bitterness of defeat.


2) You either win or you learn

Never Give Up On Your Dream

WATCH: Get inspired by the truly incredible life story of how Muay Thai Legend and multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Nonthachai Sit-O from the EVOLVE Fight Team overcame failures and setbacks to achieve his dream! (VIDEO)


Posted by Evolve MMA on Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The greatest teacher in life is not the one in front of the classroom, nor is it the text of our books. The greatest teacher in life is experience. As martial artists, we don’t view failure as setbacks. To us, there is no such thing as failure. There is no such thing as defeat.

You either win or you learn.

The truth is, on our course to become true martial artists, we experience defeat more than we experience victory. But it is important to understand and realize that, learning from our losses is just as important as winning.

In fact, learning is the most important aspect of martial arts. Decades of tradition and knowledge has been passed down from generation to generation. With it comes an unlimited reservoir of lessons and teachings.

There is so much to learn from training in martial arts, and dealing with failure properly is one of them.


3) Failure is a chance to reinforce your strengths

It is very easy to succumb to the pitfalls that failure tries to trap us into. Whenever we fail, it is human nature to feel sad because no one likes to lose. Martial arts, however, teaches us that failure is but an opportunity to reinforce your strengths and that we should welcome it with open arms.

One of the most important things failure gives us is the ability to identify our weaknesses. These areas of improvement are where we should focus our time and effort. By training to eliminate our weaknesses and turn them into our strengths, we become better martial artists and better people.

But we can’t discover our weaknesses if we don’t fail. Which is why in martial arts, we accept failure as an opportunity to grow. Once you start viewing failure in this light, it becomes a positive aspect of training and of self-development. You will never look at failure the same way again.


4) Failure is a part of life


Martial arts teaches you that failure isn’t the end of the world.

Last but certainly not the least, martial arts teaches us that failure is simply a part of life.

You may be an entrepreneur, dipping your hand into business for the first time. Or a student, traversing your educational pathway with many struggles and obstacles. Or perhaps you are an employee at your workplace, trying to make a name for yourself amongst your peers. Wherever life finds you, there is sure to be failure at every corner.

Martial arts teaches us to embrace this failure, to learn to view it is a positive experience as opposed to a negative one.

There is no escape from failure, it is simply a permanent aspect of human nature. In the same way, as man discovered fire in the prehistoric age, we emblazon our minds with the sting of defeat and learn to harness the power of the knowledge we gain from it.


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