4 Things You Should Stop Doing At Work Right Now

As working adults, we all have deadlines to meet. Whether it’s tomorrow, later or an hour from now, many of us procrastinate till the very last minute. Although this is a concept we should have learned back during our school days, it is still a bad habit that many of us have failed to grow out of.


Here’s what happens when we procrastinate:

1) We end up submitting substandard work.
This is caused by a lack of time and effort on your part. Instead of putting in the required amount of time, you’ve submitted work that is a result of you scrambling around for last minute ideas.

2) We disappoint others and ourselves.
We know what we’re capable of, and so do our superiors. By submitting work that is substandard because we’ve procrastinated, we’ve unfortunately lowered their expectations of us.

Here at Evolve Daily, we understand that it can be difficult to meet everyone’s expectations. We all share the ultimate goal of becoming the best versions of ourselves possible, and we all do so much in order to reach it. We work out, we socialize with friends, we study, we try to do it all – it all adds up and sometimes, it becomes a distraction.

Here’s what you can do to fix it: 


1) Stop being afraid of criticism!

Everyone wants to be perfect. We constantly tweak our work to make it flawless and better than anything anyone has ever seen. There’s nothing wrong with trying to achieve perfection, but when it becomes an excuse for not being able to submit your work on time, then there’s a problem. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes and receiving criticism. It is part of learning, and it is what makes you better.


2) Stop snacking at your desk!

When you’re sitting in front of your desk, there’s always this temptation of wanting to snack on something, especially if there’s food right in front of you.  Unfortunately, snacking is a distraction from your work, and becomes an excuse to put things off for a few minutes. It is also the source of unwanted extra calories. Keep snacks out of arm’s reach and your line of vision. Out of sight, out of mind.


3) Stop checking social media!

There’s nothing wrong with checking up on your friends and seeing what they’re up to, but everyone knows that social media can turn into a huge black hole. Five minutes turns into one hour and next thing you know, you’ve wasted your entire day. Turn off all notifications on your phone or put it on silent. Give your work your undivided attention and put checking social media off till lunchtime or after work. You’ll be surprised to see how much you’ve gotten done!


4) Stop making excuses!

It’s so easy to say: I’ll do it later, I’m just waiting to get inspired, or, nobody else has done it, why should I?  Whatever your excuse is, it’s probably not good enough to make up for the time you’ve wasted by procrastinating. Being overly dependent on “moments of inspiration” or other people means that you are just finding ways to not work. Instead of spending all that time finding an excuse, why not use that creative energy on your work instead?


Whatever your method of procrastination is, you can be sure that it’s preventing you from executing those amazing ideas you have. It could also be the reason why you aren’t able to commit to a deadline or why your bosses aren’t happy with your work. Stop procrastinating today and start being more productive! Not only will this lead to more success in the workplace, but it will also give you a shortcut to excelling in life.





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