4 Virtues Mentally Tough People (and Martial Artists) Have

Mental strength is the only thing that truly separates the strong from the weak and the only thing that gives you the fortitude to get through the toughest times in your life. Not everyone has it, but it can be attained.

With mental strength, you have the road map for personal success in all areas of your life. In training martial arts, it could help you persevere through the toughest days, after being (what feels like) tapped out by everyone. In your career and in your personal life, it’s what gets you through the most terrible days when nothing seems to be going right.

If you truly want to be successful, perhaps you could hone these qualities and implement them in your martial arts training and beyond. Today, Evolve Daily shares 4 Virtues Mentally Tough People (and Martial Artists) Have:

1) They’re confident  

When you train martial arts, you not only get the confidence to defend yourself against an attacker, you also gain the confidence to achieve anything you set your mind to. Thus, being confident gives you the belief that you can achieve success despite any obstacle that you may encounter. When you are mentally tough, you’re ready to face and destroy anything that comes in the way of your success, even if you’re scared of it.


2) They’re up for any challenge  

You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 60-minute Muay Thai class.

You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 60-minute Muay Thai class.

The more willing a person is to embrace challenges, the more they are able to think and work outside the box. They’re ready to take risks because they know that only something great could come out of being challenged. Martial artists are used to being challenged. They understand that nobody’s perfect and the only way to achieve their goals is to keep on trying, no matter how many times they fall.


3) They’re in control

Eduardo Telles is responsible for transforming the turtle position from a defensive one into an attacking one.

Eduardo Telles is responsible for transforming the turtle position from a defensive one into an attacking one.

When you’re in control over your life, you have the power to shape your future. You simply embrace the ups and downs of life because it’s what makes you a stronger person. As a martial artist, you’re forced to constantly be in control. You need to stay 2-3 steps ahead of your opponent at all times, and know which attacks to use against the right opponent. Thus, being in control gives you the confidence and the motivation you need to achieve your goals. It also makes you believe that you have the power to influence your results – and you’ll see that it eventually does.


4) They’re committed

Any martial artist knows that in order to see the results they want, they need to be 100% committed to their goals. No matter how difficult it may be for them, or how many setbacks they face, they still want to work consistently in order to achieve their goals. Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Yoddecha Sityodtong, abandoned as a child, overcame adversity to become one of the greatest fighters of his era. Persevering through adversity shows commitment and shows mental toughness more than anything.


There’s no doubt that mental toughness will help anyone succeed – whether in martial arts or in one’s daily life. It helps you perform to your best of your abilities and more, especially through the toughest times. And just like other important qualities, mental toughness is something that you can develop over time. Use the virtues we’ve mentioned and you’ll definitely be on your way to achieving mental toughness and success in everything that you do.

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