4 Ways Martial Arts Actually Helps You Avoid Fights

Whether it is road rage, a bar fight, or an altercation on the street, sometimes physical confrontation is very difficult to avoid. While the average individual keeps himself away from sticky situations, there are times when we are thrust into a spot we aren’t too familiar with.

In these compromised instances, we have multiple options available to us on how we plan to handle certain situations. We can, of course, defend ourselves and engage in battle, or take the high road and step away from conflict. But which path do we choose?

In these instances, it is best to refer to what martial arts teaches us. In the legendary Chinese general Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, the military philosopher says that “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

In his infinite wisdom, Sun Tzu knew all too well that there comes a certain responsibility with conflict, and that the responsibility belongs to the superior side. Martial arts empowers us with the ability to protect ourselves and our opponents, in turn granting us the power to control the outcome of any conflict.

When we are empowered with the skill and tradition of martial arts, we can keep our wits about us, keep a cool, calm head during conflicts, and avoid fighting altogether.

Today, Evolve Daily shares 4 Ways Martial Arts Helps You Keep Your Cool And Avoid Fights.

1) You are more confident in yourself

It all boils down to confidence. A lot of conflict arises from the lack of self-esteem and self-worth. This sort of insecurity can push many buttons and flip a switch on the back of our minds that turn us into hot-headed individuals.

With martial arts, one of the positives that we gain in our lives is a supreme sense of confidence. Martial arts training is extremely trying. It will push us past our limits and raise our potential to levels we never thought possible within ourselves. With each obstacle we overcome, we enhance our self-esteem.

In the end, our martial arts journey results in us enriching our lives because of the confidence we gain with our experience.

When we are confident, we are cool, calm and collected. When we are confident, we know what we are capable of. Knowing our capabilities and realizing that it is within our power to prevent conflict gives us the edge and allows us to easily take the high road in conflicts.


2) You are empowered with the ability to protect yourself

A large part of martial arts is the power that it gives us to be ability to physically protect ourselves and those around us, including our enemies. By training in martial arts, not only will we learn the key elements of self-defense which is a basic human need, but also the ability to defend the people we love.

Whether it is training in boxing, learning the art of pugilism and the proper ways to punch, or taking up study in the art of grappling by way of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, martial arts equips you with the knowledge and wisdom passed down through many generations. Part of this education is knowing not just how to use martial arts, but recognizing when it is necessary.

When we realize that we have the skill to pretty much end any physical conflict in an abrupt and safe manner, we also realize that we have the power to choose the best option, which is not to fight at all.

By learning martial arts, we discover what we are capable of physically, and we gain a deeper understanding of how that affects us, our loved ones, and the people we are fighting against.


3) You are given a sense of responsibility with your newfound power

We have all heard the famous line that with great power comes great responsibility, and it couldn’t be truer in martial arts. When we study and train in martial arts, we gain power, including a sense of being powerful. We discover our limits, explore our capabilities, and realize our true potential.

Once we gain these abilities, we realize that we aren’t just responsible for ourselves, but also for everyone else around us. After training in martial arts, you’ll know what you can do. You’ll know that all it takes is a split second for you to deliver a fight-ending blow to an untrained opponent. With this knowledge, we are able to make better decisions in the heat of the moment.

Of course, the path of least resistance is always the best option. While martial arts teaches us to keep calm and keep our cool, some situations call for practical application. That’s when we swoop in and apply what we have learned in the gym. This option is the last resort and only used if we are in danger and need to defend ourselves.

In most cases, however, physical conflict is completely unnecessary, but it is a lot easier avoided when we know how to defend ourselves.


4) You learn the true values of martial arts

Leandro Brodinho Issa

ONE Superstar and BJJ World Champion Leandro Issa trained and competed in BJJ extensively before making the switch to MMA.

Lastly, martial arts represents many values that not only can we apply in the gym and on the streets, but also in life.

Martial arts teaches us to be persistent, holding within us an unwavering sense of perseverance and a never-give-up attitude that is essential for success in any endeavor. In addition, we also learn values like respect, honor, tradition, and integrity.

With the abilities we learned during our training, we protect these values and live by them, showing our peers and those around us the proper way to handle conflict. With martial arts, we are able to keep a cool head, and make better, more sound decisions in precarious situations. Sometimes, it all boils down to just making better decisions.

Because a large part of martial arts focuses on meditation and putting ourselves in the right frame of mind, we are always in control of our actions and our tempers. As such, keeping a cool head is second-nature to any serious practitioner.


Avoiding fights is one of the greatest lessons and principles of martial arts, and it is something that we learn early on with training. Keeping our cool is the secret to the safety of all those around us.

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