4 Ways Martial Arts Can Shave Inches Off Your Waistline

Health and fitness is becoming increasingly more important to our everyday lives. As we become more self-aware, more health-conscious, we are constantly looking to undo years of damage we have done to our bodies brought about by unhealthy eating habits, lack of exercise, and a general disdain for our nutrition.

For most of us, the effects of our unhealthy lifestyles have led to a bulging waistline. Over the years, fat has built up in our bodies, making us incredibly overweight while slowly chipping away at our self-confidence.

Everyone wants to lose weight and get fit, so we are collectively making a more conscious effort to set our fitness goals and work towards reaching them. Most of us join the local gym, promising ourselves to undergo a strict program that would have probably failed before we even stepped foot inside the gym premises.

Luckily, martial arts is available for those who are serious about taking control back in their lives.

Free yourself from the clutches of obesity and set yourself on a path to unleashing your greatness. Learn and understand how martial arts can help you achieve your health and fitness goals quickly, effectively, and above all safely.

We all want to lose weight and be healthy. Today, Evolve Daily shares four ways martial arts can shave inches off your waistline.

1) Your teammates and peers keep you from being lazy

One of the greatest hooks to martial arts is that it is a workout that you can perform with your friends. And in the case that you don’t have friends to train martial arts with, you can make new friends in the martial arts gym.

Martial arts such as boxing, Muay Thai, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are mostly practiced in a group or class setting. Here you can meet new people and build lasting relationships. These people are like-minded and all have the same health and fitness goals as you do.

Motivate each other to give a hundred percent each day. Push each other to the limit both mentally and physically. Encourage each other, especially on days when your mind is telling you to be lazy and skip working out. This is the beauty of training with friends and teammates, they keep you from being lazy.

One of the biggest enemies of a good health and fitness program is complacency. Dragging yourself to the gym, however, isn’t a problem with martial arts, because, for the first time in your life, you’ll be excited to work out and make new friends in the process.


2) Martial arts provides you with a fun environment to work out

Another fun-filled BJJ class at Evolve MMA (PoMo Mall) in Singapore.

Many of martial arts’ practitioners often claim that martial arts is the most fun they have ever had in a workout. And there is a world of truth to that. One of the very things that makes people fall in love with martial arts is that the environment and the training itself is conducive to an enjoyable and constantly changing experience.

The biggest problem with traditional gym workouts is that they have a tendency to become repetitive and bland. You get bored very quickly and as a result, it becomes very hard to stick to workouts, rendering them ineffective and pretty much useless. How many times have you taken out a gym membership but never really went to the gym?

Martial arts offers a completely fresh new perspective to working out through engaging exercises and the promise of learning new things on a daily basis. Martial arts isn’t a simple fitness routine. It is so much more.

With martial arts, you become a student, learning intricate techniques and maneuvers. More often than not, it doesn’t even feel like a workout because it’s so mentally engaging and keeps you interested.


3) It pushes you towards a healthier lifestyle


Korean Superstar Song Ka Yeon from the EVOLVE Fight Team hits the heavy bag at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

Further to the point, martial arts isn’t merely a fitness program, nor is it a workout you perform during your spare time. Martial arts is a completely new lifestyle, packed with life lessons that impart us with benefits such as improved self-confidence, discipline, and a desire to lead a healthier life.

This includes making better nutritional choices and decisions regarding our overall wellness.

When we make the decision to train in martial arts, we are making a long-term commitment to becoming a better version of ourselves by leading healthier lifestyles. Not only will you be working out and having fun with friends, but you’ll also soon discover that you will become more willing to eat clean too.

We begin to realize that all the decisions we make each day are critical in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.


4) It’s the most intense hour of exercise you’ll ever experience

Martial arts training sessions such as those in boxing or in Muay Thai typically last an hour at the very least. While relatively short compared to other traditional workouts, it is very compact in nature and fast-paced. One thing is for certain, it’s likely the most intense hour of exercise you will ever experience.

Martial arts will stretch you to your physical limits like no other workout. To say that it is an intense physical routine is accurate.

Strike the pads in Muay Thai, practice your punch combinations in boxing, or grapple with your teammates in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. No matter what you fancy, martial arts has something for everyone and the variety is both fresh and at the same time rejuvenating.

Muay Thai training, for example, can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour. That’s equal to two hours on the treadmill or swimming laps in the pool. To put things in perspective, you would have to walk almost 10 hours at a moderate pace just to burn as many calories as you do training in martial arts.


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