4 Ways Martial Arts Helps You Feel Better About Yourself

Many people practice martial arts for different reasons. Whether it’s to lose weight and get fit and healthy, or to learn self-defense, people have turned to martial arts as a wellness program in recent years. Due to the rapid rise in the popularity of martial arts, more and more people have sought out its unique training methodologies.

Martial arts offers many physical and mental benefits to practitioners. Because it is such an effective workout, martial arts has the power to get people in the absolute best shape of their lives very effectively and very quickly. Not only that, but it also bestows practitioners with sharper focus and greater mental capacity.

But aside from the obvious physical and mental benefits, martial arts also offers a huge emotional impact to practitioners. After some time training, practitioners notice an improved emotional state and are generally happier with a more positive outlook on life.

Martial arts has the power to affect many positive changes in our lives, not the least of which is giving us better self-perception. Today, Evolve Daily shares four ways martial arts impacts your life and how you feel about yourself.

1) It helps us believe in ourselves more

Martial arts allows you to focus on yourself and reflect.

One of the biggest impacts martial arts has on our lives is giving us unwavering self-confidence. Many people struggle with their self-image. A lot are unhappy with the way they look, with their physical and mental capabilities. As a result, confidence takes a huge hit.

Through martial arts, however, we learn just what we are capable of as human beings, unlocking our potential with each training session. By consistently training our physical bodies, enriching our mind and spirit with the history and culture of martial arts, we become better people.

Self-confidence is a very important part of our overall health. Believing in ourselves is the only pathway to success, no matter what we delve in.

Because martial arts will push our limits, we can discover a great deal about ourselves during training. Having a better connection with our inner-self makes us more confident in our own skin.


2) It gets you in the best shape of your life


A student smashes the pads during a Muay Thai class at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

The most obvious benefit of martial arts training is that it gets us in prime physical fitness. Most people, if not all, desire a well-toned and lean physique. We all want to look good in front of the mirror. When we love how we look, we feel so much better about ourselves.

Nowadays, obesity has become a big problem in society. It is an epidemic that has quickly spread throughout the world over the past two decades.

Martial arts is one of the most intense and effective fitness programs available today. One of martial arts’ most valuable benefits is allowing you to achieve supreme physical fitness, and empower you with achieving rapid weight loss. If you are looking to get in shape, martial arts is perfect for you.

Take control of your life and fight those bad habits. Lead a healthier lifestyle. Martial arts isn’t just a self-defense discipline, it’s also great for your overall health and fitness.


3) It fulfills your social needs


Another fun-filled Muay Thai class at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

Abraham Maslow developed five stages of needs that motivate human behavior, and everyone should have the ability to fulfill these five things in order to live a full and healthy life. The five stages include physiological, safety, social, esteem, and self-actualization. Fortunately, martial arts alone satisfies all of these needs, especially that of social needs.

Each person desires love and belonging as part of social needs. Because martial arts is not a solo undertaking and is as much a group activity, it provides practitioners constant social interaction. By experiencing martial arts training together, we are able to build strong interpersonal relationships.

Along the way in our martial arts journey, we will meet like-minded individuals who share the same passion as us. More than a bond in just training, we develop deep emotional connections with other practitioners that we call comrades and teammates.

When you train with friends, you are constantly engaged in your group activity. Together, you’ll perform various techniques, keep each other sharp with light sparring, and teach each other cool new moves.


4) It improves your everyday life


A student kicks the pads during a Muay Thai class at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important reason why people choose to take up martial arts, is because it has the power to improve the quality of everyday life. From just being healthier and fitter, to unlocking our human potential, martial arts helps us be the best that we can be.

We all crave positive change. But positive change doesn’t happen overnight. There are so many factors that go into changing one’s lifestyle that really takes a little bit of time to get right.

A complete lifestyle change requires long-term dedication. Joining a martial arts gym will allow you to thrive in a positive environment dedicated to helping you reach your goal. Becoming a martial artist will open up a door to many countless possibilities that you never thought were available.

After training in martial arts for a period of time, you will reach your optimum physical fitness. Along with enhanced physical well being of course comes an enhanced mental state. These are all incredible benefits that impact all aspects of our everyday lives.


Do you want to effect a positive change in your self-image? We all want to feel better about ourselves, and martial arts is definitely the way to go. Give it a try by signing up for a complimentary trial class today!

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