4 Ways Martial Arts Will Make You A Better Spouse

The more you practice martial arts, the more you see your life changing for the better. You feel better than ever and you can’t help but tell everyone about how much you’ve grown spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally.


Perhaps one of the greatest lessons in martial arts is wanting to become the best versions of ourselves possible and stopping at nothing to achieve it. Why not harness all this positive change into becoming a better spouse to our partners?

Evolve Daily tells you how you can become the best spouse you can be through 4 awesome lessons we learn from martial arts:

1) Patience

BJJ World Champion Bruno Pucci practices a kimura on Muay Thai World Champion and ONE Strawweight World Champion Dejdamrong Sor Amnuaysirichoke.




When we practice martial arts, we learn how to be tolerant of others’ mistakes. After all, we’ve been there ourselves so we know how challenging it is to adapt and learn something new.

It’s similar to being in a marriage, especially a new one. Everyone goes through a phase of growing pains, and having the patience to get through it all helps. You’re both not used to each other yet and maybe you’ll discover some awesome things about your partner that you’ve never known before.

There’s no use in getting frustrated over the smallest things. We just have to shrug it off and start from scratch!


2) Humility


Learning how to say sorry is difficult for many people. Whether you practice martial arts or not, admitting that you are wrong requires a lot of humility. During training, we encounter opponents that are better, faster and stronger than us, but we know better than to feel discouraged by them. We just use them as inspiration to work harder and do better the next time.

When you’re in a relationship, there’s no doubt that you’ll eventually clash heads. Someone always wants to be right and nobody wants to admit that they’re wrong. From martial arts, we learn that making mistakes is natural. Instead of arguing about who did what, just acquiesce and move on.

Nothing substantial ever comes out of constant bickering.


3) Courage


Whether you’re competing or sparring, martial arts requires courage to step up to the plate and take a chance. Whether you win or lose, there’s always that heart-pounding feeling that comes along with taking a risk.

When you practice martial arts, you adopt the mindset: What’s the worst that could happen? You begin to become OK with taking risks and accepting your fate. Having courage makes you see life’s obstacles as challenges that need to be met. When you’re in a marriage, you will encounter many trying times that will test your relationship. Instead of avoiding them, face them head on together with your partner. Together, you are stronger.


4) Dedication


There’s nothing more attractive than a partner who is passionate and dedicated in all aspects of his or her life. Whether it’s martial arts or their career, knowing that your partner is capable of being completely immersed in becoming the best he or she can be is sexy. And this is what keeps relationships alive.

Martial arts teaches us that passion is important. It is what separates the weekend warriors from the true martial artists and what keeps you wanting to train more and more.


There’s no doubt that the lessons we learn about patience, humility, courage and dedication from martial arts are essential for a great marriage. Thus, in our quest to become the best version of ourselves, we can definitely rely on martial arts to help us along the way!



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