5 Healthy Alternatives For Your Unhealthy Cravings 

Yes, we know. It isn’t easy to always eat healthy – especially when you get cravings. It doesn’t help that healthy foods sometimes seem to pale in comparison to their not-so-healthy (but very appealing) counterparts. Because we’ve all been there before, we totally understand the struggle. And that’s why we’re here to help!

Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Healthy Alternatives For Your Unhealthy Cravings:

1) Eat this: Fried tofu
Not this: French fries

Whether as a side or on its own as a snack, French fries are a go-to option for most people. After all, it is tasty and convenient. Unfortunately, French fries contain saturated fats and are high in calories. Hence, they usually don’t offer much nutritional value and add inches to the waistline.

Instead of having French fries next time, opt for fried tofu if you absolutely have to satisfy the craving. Tofu is rich in protein and can help you meet your daily fiber requirements. Although of course, frying isn’t the healthiest way to cook it.


2) Eat this: Greek yogurt
Not this: Flavored yogurt / frozen yogurt yogurt

Flavored yogurt or frozen yogurt might come across as healthy, especially when compared to ice cream. But here’s the thing: these yogurts aren’t actually as healthy as you think! In fact, they sometimes have a high sugar content or contain artificial flavoring. It is worse when you add toppings such as candy pieces or chocolate syrup.

The next time you feel like having this sweet treat, why not reach out for some plain Greek yogurt? Apart from having a significantly lower sugar content, Greek yogurt aids in post-workout recovery and is high in calcium, protein, and other essential nutrients. If you need to sweeten it, top it with some protein-rich nuts and antioxidant-rich berries.


3) Eat this: Grilled chicken breast
Not this: Chicken nuggets

Apart from French fries, chicken nuggets are also another popular choice for a light snack or paired with a staple. However, they are just as unhealthy as French fries and lack significant amounts of minerals, vitamins, fiber, healthy fats and antioxidants.

For a healthy alternative, munch on grilled chicken breast instead of nuggets. This lean meat offers protein and can be a good addition to your daily diet.


4) Eat this: Whole wheat pancake
Not this: Pancake

Who doesn’t like to have pancakes (drizzled with maple syrup) for breakfast first thing in the morning? Unfortunately, pancakes are simple carbs and are made with refined white flour, while maple syrup is high in sugar content. Hence, it isn’t the best breakfast option if you wish to start your day on a healthy note.

Instead of the usual pancakes, why not reach out for their healthier, whole wheat counterpart? Like all whole grains, whole wheat flour is a good source of fiber – which can keep you full for longer periods of time and also slow the absorption of sugar into your blood. Hence, preventing you from getting that post-meal food coma.


5) Eat this: Brown rice
Not this: White rice

Although white rice has become a staple in many parts of the world, it is actually not as nutritious as brown rice. This is because the most nutritious parts of the white rice grains have been removed, and it doesn’t have the same fiber content as brown rice.

Apart from fiber, brown rice also has more essential vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants. Compared to brown rice, white rice is mainly a source of empty calories and carbs with very few nutrients.


So tell us, which of these healthy replacements are you going to try? Psst! You might also be interested to discover other ways you can curb those unhealthy cravings.

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