5 Inspiring Ways To Start Your Week

Time and again, we hear people complain about how much they dread Monday. Songs have been written about it, people rant on Facebook about it – the list goes on, collectively echoing how many feel about the worst day of the week. Sometimes, it could even ruin our Sunday because we’re too filled with anxiety about what comes next. But what if we changed our attitude about Monday, and made it our favorite day instead?

Evolve Daily reveals how you can turn Monday into the best day ever!


1) Start your work week on a Sunday!

If you look at a calendar, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the first day of the week is Sunday, not Monday. Because Sundays are part of our weekend, we see Monday as the worst day of the week because it means that work is waiting for us the next day.

Instead of stressing about doing everything on Monday, why not start accomplishing the tasks on your to-do list on Sunday? This way, you’ll be more relaxed once Monday rolls along, setting a positive tone for the rest of the week.


2) Make a Happy Monday playlist!

Anyone who’s worked out has experienced the remarkable power of music to motivate. You may be having the worst training session of your life until the right song comes on and turns it all around. Why not make it part of your Monday morning routine?

Create a playlist with your favorite upbeat songs and feel free to dance your stress away. In a study conducted by the Cochrane Collaboration, music was associated with a reduction in anxiety, putting listeners in a better mood. There’s no cure like music therapy!


3) Work out! 

Everyone knows that exercising makes us fit, but exercising also makes us feel better too! By focusing all our energy on burning calories and toning those muscles, we’ll not only shed those unwanted pounds but also forget about all our worries. This is because our bodies release “endorphins”, a chemical that triggers positive feelings in our body.

By working out all our worries, it will be easier to forget about what’s been bothering us. We’ll have a more positive outlook on the rest of our week, instead of being filled with negative energy.


4) Think about it!

According to a study by Dr. Arthur Stone of Stony Brook University, the reason why most people dislike Mondays is because we correlate it with unpleasant memories. Come to think of it, as kids, none of us liked waking up to go to school on Monday. School meant having to study, do homework – which, let’s face it, isn’t fun at all. If we change the way we associate Monday, would it work?

Dr. Stone says yes.  This Monday, why not start to think of it as: Hey, this was the day I used to wake up early to go to school. I’m glad I have a flexible schedule so I can come to work at 10 or I’m so glad I don’t have to do homework anymore, yay! Turn those memories of pain into something positive, you’ll feel a lot better about starting your week!


5) Get inspired!

Before going to sleep on Sunday, instead of getting on social media and checking up on what other people are posting, use this quiet time to listen to music, read books or watch videos that uplift you. You’ll be reminded of what inspires you, leaving you with a positive attitude that you can bring on to the next morning.

There’s no greater way to start the week than with a can-do attitude. You’ll feel invincible and ready to tackle whatever comes your way!


Remember, what you do on Monday can impact the way you feel for the rest of the week. Make it a point to start your week right and don’t let the Monday blues get the best of you. After all, Monday is just another day of the week, and another day to do something awesome. The power lies in your hands, do what you can to make it happen!


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