5 Reasons To Start BJJ In Your 30’s

If you haven’t been regularly working out, starting a new exercise routine is never easy, regardless of what age you are when you choose to begin; Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is no different.

While it is difficult for almost all new practitioners, often those over 30 will consider BJJ as something that they can’t start now that they are “over-the-hill”.

This mentality is not only pessimistic, but it is also completely false. There are numerous reasons why BJJ is a great pastime even for those who are a bit older – take a look at our top five reasons to start BJJ after turning 30!


1) It is an enjoyable form of exercise

Two BJJ students sparring in class

A BJJ class is a fun full-body workout.

While it is important to practice healthy life habitats through a healthy diet and exercising at all ages, it can be very difficult to maintain this practice as we grow older. When we were younger, we could work-off a cheeseburger with a few minutes on the treadmill; as we get older our metabolism slows down, and now it takes more work to run-off an unhealthy meal.

Not only does BJJ provide a great form of exercise, but it does so in a fun way! Nothing leads to people quitting their diet and exercise routine quicker than being bored while exercising. By working out in an enjoyable way that you can look forward to, you will keep yourself motivated to keep exercising!


2) Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones

Self-defense is one of the most important aspects of BJJ: it is why the martial art was created in the first place. While it would be a good idea for everyone to learn how to defend themselves, if you are over the age of 30, it is likely that you have a family that you have to think about (or are planning to have one sometime in the future).

Two BJJ students rolling on the mats.

BJJ is also known as the gentle art.

Thankfully, scenarios in which you may have to use BJJ to defend yourself or your loved ones in an altercation are rare, but they are still possible. If you do have a family or are planning on having one at some point, it would benefit you to learn the skills necessary in case there is a time where they are in danger and in need of protection.


3) It provides “me” time

Two BJJ students smiling.

The bonds you will build in the BJJ gym are priceless.

When we were younger we never realized how much free time we actually had. We could often go to work, the gym, and the bar all in the same day, and still have time to watch our favorite TV show in the evening. Now that we have the responsibilities that accompany the life of a functioning adult, it can be difficult to find time just for us. BJJ provides this much need “me” time by allowing us to schedule a few hours a week to partake in an activity that is important to you.

If you do have an incredibly busy schedule, it is likely that you are going to have a hard time training every day, but that is okay. By scheduling off a few hours every week for one to two classes, you will have a designated time just for yourself. Whether it is an early morning Saturday class, or late in the evening after the kid’s soccer practice, starting BJJ will allow you to find time that is designed solely for the purpose of doing something for you.


4) It’s a great way to make new friends

A group of BJJ students

You make a lot of friends in a martial arts gym.

As many people over the age of 30 know, it can often be difficult to build new friendships without institutions such as school or new jobs that we had when we were younger. Earlier in our lives, we were constantly being introduced to new people as our classmates changed every year and we bounced around from job to job. As we get older, our professional situation becomes more stable and we are less likely to be introduced to a wide variety of people with whom we could make friends.

BJJ provides a perfect mechanism to compensate for this! Not only will you be introduced to a large swath of new training partners on your first day, but you will constantly be meeting new people as practitioners cycle through the academy and you participate in various tournaments and seminars. And because you will get to know them through your training, you will know first-hand that they are hardworking, quality people who would make great friends in your personal life!


5) It breaks the routine

A BJJ professor teaching two students in class.

BJJ is a never-ending journey of self-discovery.

While the modern adult life provides an amazing standard of living for the majority of us, it can become quite monotonous as we settle into the routine of going to work, running errands, raising the kids, and other aspects of our daily life. Such a pattern can lead us to feel like we are stuck in a rut, like we only exist to do unexciting things.

BJJ breaks this mindset and allows us to see the exciting parts of life that aren’t provided in our typical daily activities. It provides excitement, purpose, and enjoyment all in one. The desire to show up to practice, train hard, and work on a particular skill creates the mindset in a person that there is more to life than the constant day-to-day actions that we are always undertaking.


It can be intimidating to start training BJJ after you turn 30, but it would be a massive mistake to believe that you can’t just because you are “over-the-hill”. It is said that youth is wasted on the young, and boldness may be too.

Not only is BJJ a great activity for practitioners of all ages, but older practitioners are often able to see the intrinsic benefits of the sport that are overlooked by their younger counterparts. It provides purpose, entertainment, and exercise in an environment where you can escape the grind of your daily routine.

If you’re over 30 and looking for an activity to take part in, you can’t go wrong with BJJ!

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