5 Signs You Were Destined To Be A Martial Artist

Everyone was meant to be something. A doctor, lawyer, teacher – once you’ve found your passion, you become set for life, determined to do anything and everything to make it work. The more you train martial arts, the more natural it feels. Which makes you wonder; is this something that I was meant to do for the rest of my life?

Read on and discover the 5 Signs That Say You Were Destined To Be A Martial Artist:

1) You’ve always loved watching martial arts films.

Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jean Claude Van Damme – you’ve watched and/or owned most of their films, a collection that you started in your childhood. You’ve probably even found yourself quoting them or re-enacting your favorite scenes. Finally, through practicing martial arts, you’re finally living your lifelong dream of becoming a martial artist!



2) You’ve always been goal oriented.

Even as a kid, you’ve always enjoyed setting goals for yourself and worked hard to achieve them. Whether it was for school or sports, you’ve always set the highest standards for yourself. Through training martial arts, you learn that this quality transfers perfectly. In order to improve and advance in the martial art of your choice, goals must be set as benchmarks. It’s always important to know where you’re going instead of training aimlessly.



3) You’ve always wanted to try something new. 

Whether you’ve always been a fitness junkie or someone who’s never worked out at all, you’ve always had the burning desire to find that one perfect activity that suits you. Thankfully, you’ve found it in martial arts!



4) You’ve always been on the road to self-improvement.

You’ve always strived to be the best you can be, giving 110% percent whenever you can. You value the importance of learning from your mistakes and working on them to make yourself better. Through martial arts, you’ve found that continuous self-improvement is one of the tenets that every great martial artist lives by, inspiring you to work even harder.



5) You’ve always wanted to get into shape.

Although working out has never been that important to you, you’ve never really found an activity that just clicked. You’ve tried everything — from lifting weights to Zumba; nothing has ever seemed right for you, making working out something you’ve started to dread. The best thing about martial arts is that it doesn’t seem like a workout. The skills and lessons you learn are endless and are even applicable to your daily life. Suddenly, you realize that it’s not a workout, it’s a lifestyle.

never give up


Tell us, do you feel like you were destined to become a martial artist?

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