5 Simple Ways To Unleash Your Greatness Through Martial Arts

Haven’t we all grown up believing that we could do anything we wanted, as long as we put our minds to it? Unfortunately, the older we get, the more jaded we become. We begin to doubt our abilities and what we can achieve. This hinders us from reaching our full potential, halting our willingness to reach for the stars. We become satisfied with being mediocre when we could be so much more, if we were just willing to try.

We at Evolve Daily understand that for many of us, it simply just isn’t that easy. We’ve come up with 5 Simple Ways To Unleash Your Greatness Through Martial Arts; no grand gestures or complete personality changes required:

 1) Be more confident.


It’s no secret that the more you practice martial arts, the more confident you become. You’ve gained the confidence to protect yourself from an attacker, to achieve your martial arts goals, and to top it all off, you look great!

The more confident you are, the more you’ll achieve. When you question yourself and your abilities, you’ll slowly lose confidence in yourself. You know how much you’re worth and how hard you’ve worked to get there. Don’t let anything bring you down!


 2) Accomplish all your goals for the day.


In practicing martial arts, we learn the importance of goal-setting and how we should be able to praise ourselves for every little achievement we’ve accomplished. As long as we’ve improved by just 1%, we know that it all adds up in the end.

This goes for our daily lives as well, especially at work. We can’t always expect to reach our ultimate goal instantly, but instead, we should be working on finishing tasks that will help us get there. Make it a habit to accomplish all your goals for the day, no matter how tedious it may seem. Imagine the awesome sleep you’ll get, knowing that you’ve done everything you set out to do that day!


 3) Pay it forward.


In training, we always come across someone who needs our help. Whether it’s someone who needs a partner during bag work or someone who just can’t get their Dela Riva guard right. Because we’ve done it so often, we rarely hesitate to come to their rescue. After all, we went through the same thing before!

We should never hesitate to help someone in need, because we never know when we might need help too. By showing someone that you care about their well-being, whether it benefits you or not, reveals that a bigger reward is in store for you. All of us need a little help every once in awhile!


 4) Admit a weakness.


We’re not all World Champions, and even World Champions have their bad days. Nobody’s perfect, and sometimes, it may feel like a bitter pill to swallow, especially if you’ve been training martial arts for a long time. It takes a lot of guts to admit to yourself that you aren’t that great at something, and it takes even more guts to admit it to someone else.

Admitting that we have a weakness makes us human and open to changing these weaknesses into strengths. Without realizing it, we’ve made more progress towards becoming the best versions of ourselves possible, paving the way to greatness!


 5) Work hard.


It doesn’t take a genius to realize that hard work is really one of the keys to success. Martial arts teaches us this. As beginners, our interests pique as we continuously progress in our martial arts journey. Everything seems clearer – your goals, the movements and the theories behind the techniques that you learn.

When you work hard in all aspects of your life – from doing the most mundane things like cleaning your apartment to meeting your deadlines at work, your road to greatness becomes more secure. And this feeling of security will help reassure you that you’ll accomplish all your goals, no matter what.


Remember, it is you who holds the key to your success. Your decisions, your actions, your thoughts and your words, all reflect how much you want to be great. As cynical as we may all have become, we should never forget that we are all worthy of greatness. All it takes is just a little blood, sweat, and tears and an ounce of good luck!

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