5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be A Better Martial Artist

As martial artists, we value the importance of constant self-improvement. We consciously seek ways to not only improve our martial arts skills but also the ways in which we lead our daily lives.

We at Evolve Daily realize how important martial arts and self-improvement are to you. So we’ve come up with a solution – without further ado, here are 5 Things You Can Do Right Now To Be A Better Martial Artist:


1) Learn from anyone



Have you ever been tapped out by a white belt or knocked down by someone who’s just started sparring? No matter how talented we think we are or how much further we’ve gotten in our martial arts journey, we are bound to encounter a few surprises here and there.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been training, there’s always something new to learn from anyone. By staying humble and accepting that there is still much to learn, we open ourselves up to unlimited possibilities and knowledge.

What you can do: Next time you find yourself dismissing a comment from a “newbie”, ask him or her more about it. You never know, you might find something new to add to your arsenal.


2) Challenge yourself



Get uncomfortable. Don’t settle. You must have heard these lines thrown around quite a few times. It’s true. The minute you stop challenging yourself, you become complacent and stop learning.

Yes, it feels great to win all the time. There’s no doubt that it could boost your confidence in so many ways. The downside is that you’ve deprived yourself of expanding your horizons and making yourself a better martial artist. Don’t fall into this trap!

What you can do: Instead of picking the same old partners during sparring, why not pick someone new? That person should be someone who challenges you and brings out all your weaknesses. The more you identify your weaknesses, the easier it will be to fix them!


3) Be consistent 



Just because you’ve reached a certain level, it doesn’t mean that you should be complacent about training. It doesn’t mean that you have to attend a lot of classes to be great, but it means that you should try to improve every training session.

Remember the rule of 1% a day? It applies to your martial arts journey too. No matter how minor your improvement may seem to you, it will definitely all add up in the end.

What you can do: Consult your training partner or instructor and ask for their opinion on your problem areas. Perhaps they could help you point out what you’re doing wrong and work with you to improve on them!


4) Share your knowledge with others



When we were children, we were all taught that sharing is caring. As martial artists, this golden rule is one that we should continue to practice. Sharing in martial arts means helping out a teammate when they need it, especially when it comes to learning techniques. You never know when you’ll need help too!

The more we share what we know with others, the faster we all improve. Sometimes, it’s not just about getting ahead of everyone. By working together, there’s nothing you can’t achieve. You and your teammates will be able to figure out techniques you’ve always had problems with. There’s no doubt that this will make you all better martial artists!

What you can do: If someone asks you for advice, don’t hesitate to share what you know. You can also offer help to newer students who appear to be struggling with a technique. Only after the instructor has helped them, of course.


5) Train outside the gym



Training outside the gym doesn’t mean that you have to go to Thailand for a Muay Thai camp or to Brazil to train BJJ (although it would be nice). Top athletes visualize themselves working on their sport all throughout the day. Whether it’s perfecting a technique, pumping themselves up for a competition or thinking about their training session that day – they are constantly thinking about their sport.

Drilling on your own or even something as simple as googling your favorite Muay Thai fighter could be considered as training. The more interest and dedication you have in your martial art, the more motivated you will become to be a better martial artist.

What you can do:  Research, watch and read up on martial arts.  Look for inspiration in the life stories of world champions. Talk to your instructor and ask him what you can do to achieve your goals. There are endless resources out there to help you get better, faster, and stronger; all you need is the will and iron determination to keep it up.


Although the road to self-improvement is never smooth, it is something that we can constantly work on in order to become the best versions of ourselves possible. We’ve given you the advice, now it’s up to you to unleash your potential. Go on, we believe in you!


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