5 Things to Keep in Mind When Dating a Martial Artist

So perhaps you’ve just started/have been dating a martial artist, and you can’t understand or figure out why your special someone does certain things. At times, you might not even be on the same page when it comes to things like food choices, Friday night plans, or workouts.

But here’s the thing: your martial artist sweetheart has a reason for doing what he/she does. (Yes, even when it means choosing to train on a Saturday rather than sleeping in or catching a movie.) And of course, he/she doesn’t do it to make you unhappy. So, instead of disagreeing with his/her lifestyle, why not try to understand him/her?

Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Things to Keep in Mind When Dating a Martial Artist:

1) They’ll talk endlessly about martial arts

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You might wonder why your significant other never runs out of things to say whenever he/she talks about martial arts – from the new techniques learned in class to that upcoming UFC fight. Well, it’s simple. They talk about it a lot because they want to share their passion with you, and bring you into their world!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be obsessed with martial arts in order to connect with your other half. They understand that you might not share a common love for martial arts, but of course, it would really make their day if you show an interest or simply support them.


2) They’ll always make healthy choices


Whether it’s fuelling up with the right foods or getting sufficient sleep, your martial artist sweetheart will always make sure that he/she is on the right track. After all, those training sessions would go to waste without a good diet or adequate rest.

Sometimes they might come across as naggy when they tell you off for staying up too late or eating too much junk food – but they’re doing this purely because they’re looking out for you, and want you to take good care of yourself.

Don’t be too disappointed if they decide to watch you eat that pizza rather than eat with you – or why not just save that for cheat day? (Yes, martial artists are ultimately human beings and sometimes crave junk food too!)


3) They like to keep active, even on vacation


We know that vacations exist for the sole purpose of chilling out on the beach and soaking up the sun. But sometimes, your martial artist boyfriend/girlfriend feels the need to include some kind of physical activity, such as hiking, running or cycling – because he/she simply can’t keep still for too long!

The good news is that there are fun ways to keep active even on vacation, and we promise it’s not too exhausting! So perhaps you and your special someone can keep active with water sports or simply wander the city on foot rather than by bus.


4) They’re always pushing themselves 


You might feel concerned and worried when your special someone increases the amount or intensity of his/her workouts. But don’t worry too much, pushing and going beyond limits is something that all athletes do in order to improve and ultimately stay on top of their game.

Although they might sometimes appear exhausted at the end of a long work day followed by an intense training session, believe us when we tell you that they’re actually okay. In fact, they’d probably feel better after training – especially after going through a tough day.


5) They love training, and they love you too

You might sometimes feel like your martial artist sweetheart prioritizes training over you. But that’s not true. The gym might be their second home, and they might spend a lot of time there, but you’re constantly on their mind too. And that’s why they ultimately choose to be together with you!


Has your special someone ever invited you to train with him/her? If yes, it means that you’re the most important person to him/her! So why not consider joining him/her just one time, and see how it goes? Who knows, you might end up falling in love with martial arts too – and that might take your relationship to greater heights. After all, a couple that kicks together, sticks together!

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