5 Things To Look For When Joining A Muay Thai Gym

Your search for a Muay Thai gym in Singapore just got easier. We’ve come up with a few points to consider as you look for a Muay Thai gym to join.

Muay Thai is the cultural martial art and national sport of Thailand. It is also referred to as the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’, because of how it makes use of the fists, elbows, knees, and legs. Today, it’s one of the most popular martial arts disciplines in the world.

There’s no denying Muay Thai’s mass appeal. It’s easy enough to get into for beginners, while also offering substantial training methodologies for those who want to dive a little deeper. As a self-defense martial art, Muay Thai’s explosiveness and ability to end physical altercations quickly and effectively is unparalleled.

Muay Thai is reputable for its amazing character-building abilities, thanks to its deeply rooted virtues and traditions, and its incredible calorie-burning and muscle-toning capacity makes it highly-popular among fitness enthusiasts as well.

Yet, like all martial arts disciplines, Muay Thai requires a level of grace and fluidity with its techniques. You can’t just go out there and wing it. That’s when a good, solid Muay Thai gym comes into play.

Today, Evolve Daily shares five things to look out for when joining a Muay Thai gym.


1) Instructor Qualifications

From your very first day, and the moment you step through those Muay Thai gym doors, everything you learn will depend on the quality of instruction from your coaches. If your coaches aren’t qualified with the right credentials, the skills you build will most likely be subpar. For this very reason, it is essential to your success to find highly-qualified instructors to guide you as you traverse the world of Muay Thai.

From the basic to the advanced, your instructors will become your primary source of information and technical know-how.

The right coaches won’t just be good at Muay Thai, but also live and embody its principles. The moment you participate in your first Muay Thai class, this will be evident. They won’t just teach you the techniques, they will make sure you push yourself hard past your limits and maximize your potential. They know how to get you from Point A to Point B, and help you achieve your goals.


2) Class Schedule Options

fitness workout muay thai

ONE Championship Muay Thai and Kickboxing World Champion Sam-A Gaiyanghadao training at Evolve MMA (Far East Square) in Singapore.

You don’t want to commit to a Muay Thai gym in Singapore only to discover later on that there aren’t any available Muay Thai class schedules that could work around your daily grind.

People train at different times of the day because we all have our own daily tasks to take care of, whether that’s going to school or heading to the office, or taking care of the children. The Muay Thai class schedule has to work for you specifically.

There is certainly no single perfect time to train that can apply to all practitioners. A good Muay Thai gym offers a variety of class schedules that work for everyone. A wide range of options ensures better flexibility in setting training times, and the continuity of your learning and development will less likely be affected by changes in your own schedule.


3) Gym Culture

muay thai class

Respect is a big part of Muay Thai.

Gym culture is a very important thing to look out for when joining a Muay Thai gym. The gym should feel like an extension of your home, a place where you can start your day bright and strong, or unwind after a long workday. It should be a place where you can find solace, friendship, and stress relief, in addition to an intense workout.

That means the people you train with have to be open and accepting. You’ll be surprised at the kind of quality relationships you can build at the gym if you give it effort. Furthermore, the bonds you form with your gym mates can also help you along your martial arts journey.

Conversely, mingling with toxic personalities brings you absolutely no benefit and will most likely have an adverse effect on your Muay Thai gym experience. You will want to avoid gyms with people who exhibit negative behavior, from instructors to practitioners alike.

It’s not hard to find a good Muay Thai gym in Singapore, if you pay attention to these points.


4) Muay Thai Values

muay thai exercise workout

Training Muay Thai helps you build mental toughness.

More than simply keeping your body in excellent shape, Muay Thai instills a lot of values that affect us on a personal level. Themes such as respect, hard work, loyalty, and honor are common in the Muay Thai gym. Train long enough and hard enough, and these values become ingrained in your being.

Muay Thai has the power to improve your self-esteem, teach you how to solve problems, and transform you into a better version of yourself. This can have a massive effect on your personal and professional lives. Like all martial arts, Muay Thai is a discipline that is deeply rooted in living a virtuous life of modesty, kindness, and adherence to law and tradition.

While Muay Thai has no doubt evolved over the years, as it grew more and more popular, the basic foundation remains the same. The tradition of Muay Thai remains a journey of discover, discipline, and growth.

In placing great emphasis in its values and traditions, a qualified Muay Thai gym must remain true to the cause and promote honor in its practitioners.


5) Clean and Well-Equipped Facilities

Last but certainly not least, a good Muay Thai gym in Singapore must have clean and well-equipped facilities.

You’ll need a wide variety of equipment to sharpen the tools of your body that Muay Thai teaches you to use. Heavy bags, speed bags, training dummies, a decent ring, not worn out pads, and the like are all prerequisites to good training. They must also be well-maintained.

A wide open space to train is also crucial. No one wants to train in a cramped gym with no room to freely move around and practice techniques.

Finally, it has to be super clean. Cleanliness is key to living a healthier life, and the strict maintenance of hygiene (among practitioners and instructors), as well as sanitation of equipment and facilities, is of utmost importance, especially in these times.

It’s important to find a Muay Thai gym that prioritizes this.

These tips will help you find the ideal Muay Thai gym in Singapore. Attend complimentary trial classes offered so you can evaluate your top options before you sign up for a membership.

So if you’re looking to unleash your greatness and meet amazing like-minded people, give Muay Thai a try!

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