5 Unique Valentine’s Day Date Ideas You’ve Yet To Try

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Husbands, boyfriends, and significant others all over the world who don’t have plans yet are currently sweating it out, frantically trying to find something new and interesting to do on love day.

The ladies may be tired of the usual wine and dine however and could be looking for something different. Eating out has become so mundane that it doesn’t feel special at all. If you’re looking for something extra special to do on Valentine’s Day, there are surprisingly tons of options. From trying out a new sport to getting to experience your food in a completely unique way, there is a multitude of options.

Luckily, there are so many cool new activities that couples can try on this special day. The last thing you want is for your relationship to grow stale and predictable. That’s why couples from all over try very hard to spice things up.

Perhaps you’re the type of couple looking for a road less traveled, or a pair looking for exciting new light. We’ve come up with some interesting alternatives to what you’re used to.

Having trouble coming up with something new and fun to do on Valentine’s Day? We’re here to help ease your burden. Today, Evolve Daily shares five unique Valentine’s Day dates you have yet to try.

1) Try a martial arts class

When you think of martial arts, normally people envision a solitary experience, but this is certainly not the case. Martial arts, it turns out, is so much more fun when you practice with a friend or significant other.

Martial arts is the perfect couple activity. Furthermore, uncovering the excitement and thrill of martial arts together is an experience unlike any other. It leads to self-discovery, and will also help you understand each other a little better. You’ll each uncover various strengths and weaknesses, things you both are awesome at, and even lots of things you aren’t too great at.

Training in martial arts with your significant other means you’ll be able to teach each other cool martial arts techniques. It’s also a great way to build trust. The more quality time you spend with your significant other, the more you will develop an unbreakable trust in each other.

Or maybe you just really want to have a good time. Martial arts is probably the most fun date you’ll ever go on. Learning something new and getting fit at the same time, certainly beats your plain old dinner dates.

Tired of the same, repetitive date nights? Spice things up with a healthy dose of martial arts. It could be the very thing that pulls you both closer together.


2) Have your future read with tarot cards

One thing couples always like to think about is their future. Will they still be together in the end? Is he or she the one? Luckily, we have fortune tellers to allow us a glimpse into tomorrow. Whether it’s true or not, fortune tellers are always fun and interesting for couples.

Tarot cards have been around for centuries and originated as a card game in Europe. In popular culture, however, they have emerged as a mystic way to tell the future.

While some people swear by their accuracy, please do take the readings with a grain of salt. There is no way to tell for sure what happens tomorrow, and no one can predict the future. But still, it’s a whole lot of fun to try.

Getting you and your partner’s fortune read with tarot cards is a great way to get spice things up in your relationship, and maybe even get a few hearty laughs for good measure. Be careful not to get swindled though! Do your research beforehand and only pay what you are willing to pay for these services.

Nonetheless, it makes for a very interesting experience!


3) Attend a cooking class and learn how to make delicious food

As a couple, you have both probably eaten at every restaurant ever. So much so that thinking of what to eat every night gradually becomes extremely difficult. One good way to change things up would be to try cooking food yourselves.

You may not be a good cook, or don’t know the difference between a spatula and a flipper. It doesn’t matter. Thankfully, cooking classes in the city are becoming all the rage.

Learn how to make different types of cuisine, such as Japanese, Italian, or Thai food. Learn how to bake cakes or make authentic Belgian waffles. The choices are endless, and you will be surprised at just how many classes are available to you right now.

So if you’re that couple that has a hard time picking out a place to eat, why not try making food yourselves? It’s an interesting experience that is fun and engaging. You’ll learn something new too.


4) Have a photo shoot

Commemorate Valentine’s Day with a photo shoot.

Here’s something you probably have never thought of. Why not hire a professional photographer to follow you around the city and take some really amazing photos of your date?

Most couples don’t have any high-quality pictures aside from the usual ones we post on Facebook or Instagram. Hiring the services of a professional photographer could change all that.

Usually booked for 2-3 hour sessions, couple photography in the city has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and there are now many photographers willing to lend their talents — for a fee of course.

It can get pretty expensive though, so be warned. But ultimately, the pictures speak for themselves and are definitely worth it.


5) Indulge in a theatrical dinner

Your parents probably told you never to play with your food when you were little. But a popular dining activity called ‘theatrical dining’ has recently become extremely popular.

Incorporating a certain degree of mystery and art into your dinners, theatrical dining allows you to play and experience your food like never before. Often, guests are informed of the dinner venue only on the day itself, to keep the mystery and intrigue. Then, clues are provided on how to get to the venue. Finally, an interactive experience and gastronomical performance awaits each diner, as the show begins and the eating commences.

It’s definitely a unique new dining experience that is shocking and delicious at the same time.


So if you’re looking for something fun to do on Valentine’s Day, give these suggestions a try. Better yet, try the number one couple activity out there, martial arts!  Give it a try by signing up for a complimentary trial class today!

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