5 Of The Most Unusual Finishes You’ll Ever See In MMA

Mixed Martial Arts is the world’s fastest growing sport for good reason; it is filled with crazy blockbuster-type action, exciting submissions, and explosive knockouts. But with such a popular sport, you’re bound to see some weird, bizarre finishes once in awhile.

So without further ado, here is Evolve Daily’s list of 5 Of The Most Unusual Finishes You’ll Ever See In MMA:

1) The Incredibly Unwise “Hello Japan” RNC – Shinya Aoki vs. David Gardner

You don’t have to be a seasoned Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu veteran to know that having someone on your back in a fight isn’t a good thing. And when that someone is a submission grappling specialist like current ONE Championship Lightweight World Champion and Evolve Fight Team’s Shinya Aoki, you should be wise enough to at least try to defend yourself. Enter David Gardner; the man who thought he could get away with taking his eye off the ball in the middle of an MMA match against Aoki.

Midway through the 10-minute long first round with Aoki on his back, Gardner decided to wave to the crowd and yell “Hello Japan!”. Aoki reacted as any other fighter would; He immediately locked in a deep rear naked choke, forcing Gardner to tap in one of the most hilarious finishes ever seen in MMA. After the fight, Gardner was nicknamed “Hello Japan”, a nickname which would stay with him for the rest of his career.


2) The Double Knockout – Tyler Bryan vs. Shaun Parker

We’ve all heard the famous phrase “Two men enter, one man leaves”. In this case, neither man leaves. Tyler Bryan and Shaun Parker both came into their Legends of Fighting Championship fight looking for the knockout. The only problem? They were both looking for it at the exact same time, with the exact same punch! In one of the most jaw-dropping moments in MMA, Bryan and Parker both threw a straight right cross at one another; both landed, and both were knocked out cold and sent crashing to the floor.


3) The Once Legal “Groin-and-Pound” – Keith Hackney vs. Joe Son

Back in the early days of MMA, rules and regulations were often questionable and filled with loops holes. One good example of this is the once legal “Groin-and-Pound” featured in this video. It’s safe to say that not a single man alive would be able to watch this without cringing or at least feeling a little uncomfortable.

Joe Son was definitely not comfortable; the MMA pioneer will never look at a guillotine choke the same way ever again. As Son applied the chokehold from side control, a desperate Keith Hackney proceeded to pound Son’s groin repeatedly. The pain proved too much for Son and he tapped out, giving Hackney the “submission” victory.


4) The Kiss of Death – Heath herring vs. Yoshihiro Nakao

The staredown is one of the most exhilarating aspects of any fight sport. Fighters come face to face, staring each other down with no intention of backing down. But for Heath Herring and Yoshihiro Nakao, things got a little too close for comfort, or at least for Herring.

The two fighters were meeting in the center of the ring at the K-1 Dynamite!!! 2005 event for the routine staredown. Then the unimaginable happened, Nakao, deciding to take things to the next level, kissed Herring on the lips. Filled with embarrassment and rage, Herring nailed Nakao right on the chin with a punch, knocking him out cold. In the end, the judges could not determine which fighter to disqualify and the fight was deemed a no-contest.


5) The Self-Inflicted Knockout Takedown – Zack Melton vs. Devon Zeller

A beautifully executed takedown is a spectacle to watch. They never fail to generate some oohs and aahs from the audience. But sometimes fighters can get a little too carried away with their takedowns. In this fight, Zack Melton found himself in the wrong end of a guillotine attempt. He did well to defend it, lifting his opponent Devon Zeller high up into the air for a takedown. However, he drove his head and neck straight down to the canvas and into a self-inflicted knockout. A good reminder for MMA fighters to never put technique over power.


Though weird finishes aren’t exactly the most ideal ending to an MMA fight, they still do manage to shock, entertain, and make us laugh. After all, anything can happen inside an MMA cage!

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