WATCH: 5 Ways To Finish The Takedown From The Sprawl Position (Video)

In MMA, finishing a takedown from the sprawl position is probably one of the most important sets of techniques you’ll ever have to learn. The sprawl is a basic and commonly used counter against a takedown. It puts the wrestler or grappler in a bad position, making it difficult for him to finish his intended move.

In this video, ONE Superstar Mark Striegl shows you how to finish the takedown from the sprawl position. As you can see, each move is executed using both explosive strength and impeccable reaction time as he drives forward to finish the takedown on his opponent.


To execute these techniques properly, US Olympian and Evolve Fight Team Head Coach Heath Sims offers 5 tips one should always remember:

1) Don’t let your opponent flatten you out – The moment your opponent flattens you out, you lose mobility and it becomes more difficult for you to finish your takedown or escape the position.

2) Stay on your feet or knees – Staying on your feet gives you more power and finishing options.

3) Always look up – Keeping your head up forces you to be in good position. Staying in good position is crucial for executing your second or third finishing moves. Never allow your opponent to control your head!

4) Stay square with your opponent – This eliminates any chance of your opponent attacking anything other than your body’s center. It also makes it easier for you to keep an eye on him.

5) Don’t quit even when you’re on the bottom – Just because you’re on the bottom doesn’t mean that the fight is over. Learn your options for alternate finishes when opponents counter. Never stop your offense until you finish the takedown.


As with all wrestling techniques, remember to keep on attacking even if you feel you’re in a vulnerable position. Don’t forget to set-up your takedowns to make it more difficult for your opponents. Wrestling requires a lot of heart so don’t give up even if it doesn’t work the first few times!

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