5 Ways To Get Better At Martial Arts (Infographic)

We should always strive to improve ourselves, so we can be better not only in martial arts but be more successful in our daily lives as well. There’s no point in just getting by – you should always set the highest goals for yourself. You are capable of anything you set your mind to, as impossible as it may sound at times. Your only limitation is your mind! So go on, improve yourself, even just a little bit everyday. Here’s how:


1) Practice makes perfect.


It might sound like a given, but many people forget the value of tireless effort. There’s something about doing something repeatedly until you’ve mastered it. The more you work on it, the better you’ll become. You’ll also begin to notice the minute details you might have missed the first few times. Don’t get discouraged, keep on going until you get it right!


2) Take notes.


Most people neglect the benefits of taking notes. With the amount of information you take in on a daily basis, its impossible to remember every single detail. Taking down notes will help you remember what you’ve learned from your martial arts classes. You can also take note of your spars so you know what to improve on in your next class.


3) Learn from your mistakes.


It might seem easier said than done, but there is no greater teacher than a mistake. If we never made mistakes, we wouldn’t know what to improve on, and our techniques would stagnate. Take note of what you’ve done wrong and ask your instructor to help you. The more you work on your mistakes, the less likely you’ll do it in the future.


4) Ask more questions.


Lets face it, as martial arts students, we are far from being experts. Even our instructors, with their years of championship experience, know that they don’t always have the answers to everything. We should always ask questions in class, especially regarding concepts we don’t understand. If we hesitate, we won’t be able to correct our mistakes – which means we won’t progress in our martial arts journey.


5) Set realistic goals.

Although we are taught to set the highest goals for ourselves, we should start with accomplishing realistic goals first. This doesn’t mean that we should set our standards lower, it means that we should learn how to pat ourselves on the back for every little feat we’ve accomplished. This will encourage us to keep on going, no matter what happens.


The journey towards success in martial arts does not have to be a cumbersome one. By following these 5 simple steps, you will be well on the way to becoming the best martial artist you could be.


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