5 Ways Martial Arts Makes You More Creative

Feeling uninspired lately? Perhaps you have been stuck on a certain task, project, or assignment for the longest time but just can’t seem to come up with new ideas. Or maybe you’ve been struggling to translate your thoughts into words. Whatever it is, we’re pretty sure you must be frustrated.

Now, you must be wondering if there’s a way you can overcome this. After all, there’s a solution to every problem. Well, the good news is that we’ve discovered how martial arts can help you out with this.

Ready to give your creativity that much needed boost? Then read on to discover 5 Ways Martial Arts Makes You More Creative:

1) It enhances the function of the hippocampus

If you don’t already know, regular aerobic exercise can contribute to the growth of new brain cells in the hippocampus. Research shows that this is a key area of future thinking and imagination, which also plays a part in enhancing memory. As the hippocampus is believed to play a role in helping you to imagine new situations, it will definitely be good for your creativity. After all, sometimes all it takes is a little imagination and perhaps an out-of-this-world idea.


2) It lowers your stress levels

Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Sam-A Gaiyanghadao teaches at Evolve MMA.

Sometimes your lack of inspiration causes you to feel stressed out about the fact that you can’t get your job done. Unfortunately, being stressed can also hinder your creativity because it zaps your emotional and mental energy – so you’re basically trapped in a vicious cycle of being uninspired and stressed. When this happens, there’s no doubt that your productivity will drop.

If stress is affecting your creative flow, then perhaps you might want to know that martial arts is a healthy way to de-stress. Apart from being a great outlet to vent your frustrations and release that negative energy, you will also be getting in shape!


3) It increases the production of neurotrophins

When you train martial arts, you encourage the growth of new nerve cells and synapses due to increasing levels of neurotrophins, which is a chemical that promotes the growth of new nerve endings. Also, this increases the amount of oxygen in your blood, which plays a part in providing you with the mental energy you need to come up with those new concepts.


4) It improves cognitive function

BJJ doesn’t just strengthen the body, it strengthens the mind as well.

Even though martial arts appears to be a highly physical activity with all the punches and kicks, the truth is that it also stimulates your mind. After all, you will have to focus to catch the finer details of every technique, as well as tap into your memory to recall what you’ve learned when you’re executing certain techniques. Besides that, it also teaches you to be present and clear your mind. By doing so, you can then de-clutter your mind when it comes to brainstorming time and generate some killer ideas.


5) It gives you an endorphin rush

Another fun class training with World Champions at Evolve MMA.

Did you know that your brain works better when you’re happy? That means that the happier you are, the more creative output you will produce. So if you’ve been feeling lousy or unhappy lately, that could be why you’re so uninspired and unproductive.

Fortunately, martial arts can turn that around by stimulating the increase of endorphins during your workout. Hence, you will feel much better after your workout – even if you were having a terrible day prior to that. Once you’re in a better mood, there’s no doubt that you’ll be able to handle your work more efficiently. So why not go for some training the next time you find that you’re struggling to do creative stuff?


Whether you’ve been uninspired lately or simply wish to take your creativity to greater heights, there’s no doubt that martial arts can do just the trick for you.

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