5 Ways To Improve Your Guard Pass (Video)

For every Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) practitioner, passing the guard is one of the most essential skills he or she should learn. Although there are many ways to pass the guard, there are 5 concepts that one should incorporate into their guard passing skills for maximum effectiveness.

Known for his fluid guard passing techniques, BJJ Champion and Evolve MMA BJJ instructor Prof. Marcos “Ratinho” Santana shares 5 simple game-changing concepts with Evolve Daily. Here they are:


1) Get good grips.
Having good grips helps you establish control over your opponent.  This allows you to move him in any direction you want, allowing you to pass his guard.


2) Start with a good base.
By starting in the squat position, it will be easier to maintain your balance. In the event your opponent tries to sweep you or break your posture, it will be more difficult because your feet are firmly planted on the ground.


3) Keep on moving.
Always move from side to side when you are trying to pass the guard. Match your opponent’s movements and square up to him so that he doesn’t have the angle that gives him the sweep.


4) Surprise him!  
If you are predictable, your opponent will be more likely to come up with a counter attack, making it difficult for you to pass his guard. According to Marcos, a good way to keep your opponents on their toes is by faking the pass on one side and going to the other side – the more you keep your opponent guessing, the better!


5) Have confidence in your techniques.
There’s nothing like having complete confidence in your abilities. Believe in your techniques and everything else will follow. Remember, your opponent can tell when you aren’t sure about your next move.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu truly is a game of human chess. You should always anticipate what your opponent might do to counter your moves and stay one step ahead. Doing so will ensure that you’ll always be on the top of your game and ready for anything that comes your way!



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