5 Ways To Stay In Shape Even When You’re Broke

We’ve all experienced it before at some point. The awful feeling you get when you check your bank account or wallet, only to find that you don’t have enough money left (despite your attempts to control your expenditure). With this holiday season, we understand that there’s an even bigger struggle to prevent those dollar bills from escaping your wallet – and this might cause you to feel like you lack the money to keep up with your gym membership or healthy eating.

Well, it doesn’t always have to be this way. In fact, there are some things you can do to stay in shape even when you’re tight on cash. Curious? Then read on! Today, Evolve Daily shares 5 Ways To Stay In Shape Even When You’re Broke:

1) Keep a positive attitude

BJJ enables a smaller person to overcome bigger, stronger opponents.

If you think about it, everything is a matter of perspective. So being broke shouldn’t be an excuse to put off working out. In fact, you should focus on what you have control on and use that to make the most of your situation. After all, it really boils down to whether you’re willing to think out of the box, or how far you would go to reach your fitness goals.

It might initially be difficult to stay positive, considering how you have to pay for gym access or that protein salad – and let’s face it: there are times when you simply can’t afford it. However, there’s always a way to overcome the lack of money since money can’t buy you everything. And yes, this includes your fitness! It helps to remember that you can always step out for a run or cook yourself a healthy meal rather than buying from that salad shop (we will go into this in the next point!)


2) Prepare your own meals rather than eating out

It is important to warm up and cool down properly before and after your workout.

When you prepare and pack your own lunch or dinner, you’re not only saving money but calories too. For starters, it is much cheaper to purchase ingredients and prepare your meals as compared to eating out. Trust us, all it takes is a little bit of planning and a trip to the supermarket to pick out your core ingredients, as well as some extra effort to prepare your meal in advance. Even if you’re not willing to pack your lunch or dinner daily, doing it at least once a week would definitely save you some money in the long run.

What’s more, when you prepare your own meals, you would have more control over what you’re eating, and as a result, you could potentially avoid consuming those unwanted calories! Over time, this would help you to lose some pesky fat – but of course, you have to be sure that you’re fuelling up with nutritious food!


3) Plan ahead of time

ONE Superstar Alex Silva works on his striking at the Evolve Fighters Program.

It’s no secret that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. That’s why we believe that it takes some planning for you to stay in shape during your broke periods. Whether it’s your packed meals or training schedule, you definitely have to do some planning in advance in order to have some kind of a guide to follow – and there’s a higher chance you would actually stick to your plans.

When you make plans, you’re less likely to procrastinate and if you already have an existing gym membership, doing up a plan is a great way to ensure that you make the most of your time there!


4) Cut down on late night partying

With so many techniques to learn, there’s never a dull moment in BJJ class.

Yes, we know. Some of you enjoy partying your weekends away. After all, it’s a fun way to unwind with friends after dealing with a hectic work week. Unfortunately, this only makes you spend more money (if you include your cab rides, the extra rounds of drinks and supper) and worse, takes you further away from your body goals!

When you drink alcohol, you’re consuming heaps of empty calories, and the worst part is that it produces acetate, which is a substance that encourages your body to maintain its fat stores. While it’s okay to drink from time to time, believe us when we say that cutting down on the partying will not only benefit your wallet, but body too.


5) Keep it simple

The knee is a fundamental strike in Muay Thai.

Staying in shape when you’re broke isn’t something that is very complicated. So don’t be afraid to find motivation in simple things such as impressing your significant other or fitting into that pair of jeans that got too snug. Remember, small changes can ultimately bring you big results! All you have to do is make the decision to commit to your body goals and of course, take action.


So tell us, are you ready to get into the best shape ever?

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