6 Reasons Why Martial Arts Is Better Than Happy Hour At The Bar

At the end of a long, exhausting day, you probably prefer to hit the bar rather than the gym. After all, nothing is more appealing than having those rounds of affordable happy hour drinks and catching up with your friends after dealing with work, right?

Unfortunately, when having post-work happy hour drinks becomes a regular thing, your health not only suffers, but you also add lots of unnecessary inches to your waistline. So why not make beer o’clock gym o’clock instead? Trust us, happy hour exists in the gym as well. And it’s definitely a healthier way to spend your evenings.

Curious? Then read on to discover 6 Reasons Why Martial Arts Is Better Than Happy Hour At The Bar:

1) Because you will be burning calories instead of consuming them


You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a one-hour Muay Thai class!

If you sit in front of a laptop all day, it comes as no surprise that you will feel lethargic and uninspired by the time your day ends. On top of that, you will also be more likely to gain weight. According to a study, 41% of people gained weight while at their present job, and those who sat all day had higher rates of weight gain.

There’s no doubt that you will be working various muscles and melting away unwanted fat when you train martial arts. If you ask us, that’s definitely a much more productive way to spend that hour as compared to drinking those cocktails and consuming tons of calories in the process. So why not punch your way to a lean, toned body?


2) Because the endorphin rush is more satisfying than being tipsy

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu enables a small person to overcome bigger, stronger opponents.

Yes, we know. There’s something about that warm, fuzzy, happy feeling alcohol gives you that keeps you coming back for more. But here’s the thing: that temporary high you get from alcohol comes at a very harmful price that your body has to pay.

Fortunately, there’s a healthier alternative to boosting your mood and keeping that smile on your face. All you have to do is head to your nearest martial arts gym for an endorphin rush like no other! It doesn’t matter whether you decide to train Muay Thai or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, because one thing’s for sure – you’ll leave the gym feeling way better than you did when you entered. After all, martial arts has been scientifically proven to keep you happy!


3) Because you’ll save money by going to the gym instead of the bar

Although you will initially be spending money on your gym membership, it helps to look at it as an investment. After all, you will reap a ton of benefits and get into great shape. If you think about it, spending that hour training rather than drinking will actually help your wallet. After all, one drink usually leads to another and then maybe a few more. And when all that adds up, you will have spent a bomb in one night – and this could have actually paid for your whole month’s gym membership!


4) Because there’s no better way to end your day


Martial arts develops focus.

Heading to the gym for an hour of intense martial arts training might be the last thing on your mind, especially when you’re feeling drained after work. However, if you’re feeling stressed out, training martial arts will be a great way to get all that negative energy out of your system. Also, you will be able to end your day on a healthy note. After all, what better way is there to end the day than by crushing those goals and working towards getting into the best shape of your life?


5) Because it’s an awesome way to bond with your loved ones

Just another awesome Muay Thai class at Evolve MMA!

Instead of making plans to head to the bar after work, why not schedule a training session with your friends, significant other, or siblings? You may not realize it, but doing so actually deepens your bond with your loved ones. This is because you will be able to motivate and push each other in the gym, as well as work towards goals together. What’s more, there will be some time before and after training for you to catch up with them!

So forget drunk conversations, you and your loved ones can spend happy hour at the gym, working towards becoming better martial artists and people.


6) Because you’ll have no regrets

ONE Superstar Christian Lee is the youngest member of the Evolve Fight Team.

As much as we hate to admit it, we sometimes make bad decisions after having a little too much to drink. And sometimes, there’s the hangover to deal with the next day. When the consequences of your drunken actions hit you, chances are you will regret going for those “light drinks” that ended up escalating into something more.

We’re pretty sure you’ve never left the gym regretting that hour you spent there, sculpting your body and toning those muscles. So why not make a sober good decision for a change, and spend your next happy hour at the gym instead of the bar?

You could always head to the bar after your workout. The juice bar, that is.

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