6 Strategies To Trick Yourself Into Eating Healthier

Self-control goes a long way when it comes into sticking to a new diet. The key to sticking to a healthier diet is portion control. You don’t want to just cut off all your favorite foods, that only leads to you feeling miserable and eventually going back to your bad habits.

Portion control allows you to enjoy all of your favorite foods while moving towards a healthier lifestyle. You will find yourself eating healthier foods without even realizing it.

The good news is that there are many simple things you can do to trick your brain into being happy with a healthier diet. For example, most people drink less when drinking out of a tall glass than they would from a shorter, wider one. It is because the glass fools your brain into thinking you have consumed more beverage that you have. Conversely, the shorter glass makes you feel like you haven’t drunk that much beverage even when you have. Take advantage of little tricks like this and dieting becomes a lot easier.

Here are some simple tricks you can implement that will make dieting a lot easier for you.

1) Always Eat Until You’re Full

You are going to be tempted to return to your regular eating habits if you are not satisfied after meals. A simple way you can trick your body into a healthier lifestyle is by filling your plate with low-calorie healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. That way, you always feel satisfied after your meals.

The full feeling you get will make you less likely to snack on unhealthy foods between meals. Being regularly hungry only leads to cravings that make dieting a lot harder than it should be. Make your diet fun, and your body won’t even realize you are on a diet.


2) Drink Lots Of Water

alex silva drinking water

It’s vital that you drink enough water, especially if you’re exercising.

Your body is composed primarily of water, and it needs lots of it to run properly. Water also makes you feel full after your meals. As we mentioned earlier, being full means you are less likely to snack on things that aren’t good for you.

The best part about water. It contains zero calories, so there’s no need to feel guilty regardless of how much of it you consume. Next time you feel hungry, try drinking a glass of water. Your hunger pangs will be gone by the time you’re done.


3) Don’t Skip On Breakfast

healthy plate-of-lentils-1024x571

Lentils are full of nutrients.

You have probably heard breakfast is the most important meal a few times in your life, and that is absolutely true. Missing breakfast leads to a massive drop in your blood sugar levels. As a result, you feel hungrier before your next meal, so you are more likely to overeat.

It is better to start off your days with a healthy breakfast. It gives you a metabolism boost as your body burns energy to digest the food. You feel better as you go about your morning activities, and, when it is time for lunch, you do not feel a need to overeat.


4) Use Small Plates


The more fresh food you can eat the better.

Eating with large plates can be detrimental to your diet. When your food is on a large plate, your brain feels like you are eating a smaller portion. You finish your meal, and you end up feeling unsatisfied. This feeling can lead to overeating.

When you opt for a smaller plate or bowl instead, your mind is tricked into thinking you have eaten more food than you have. As a result, you feel more satisfied after your meals. As we mentioned earlier, this feeling of satisfaction is vital since not getting it often leads to you eating between meals or getting a second portion of food.


5) Eat Healthy Snacks

blue berries

Find healthy snacks that you enjoy.

We all feel the urge to snack every now and then. That does not mean you should grab the first bag of chips or candy you can find. There are many things you can snack on that are low in calories. Fruits and vegetable are great examples of this. The next time you feel like having something to snack on before your next meal, make sure it is something healthy that only contains a few calories.

Remember, in order to lose weight, your body needs to burn more calories than it takes in regularly. A single serving of an unhealthy snack can be enough to give you a calorie surplus instead of a deficit.


6) Avoid Eating While Watching TV


Martial artists have to maintain a strict diet, especially when competition is approaching.

Eating while watching TV makes you a lot more likely to stray away from your diet. It starts with one or two cookies, and, before you realize it, the entire box is gone. You also consumed lots of empty calories that do not provide much nutritional value. Those calories will make it a lot harder for you to shed those excess pounds.

Watching TV while eating also causes your brain to focus what’s going on the screen. It blocks the feeling of fulfillment you get from eating, making you more likely to overeat.


Don’t Forget To Exercise

While eating healthier foods is good for your health, so is getting regular exercise. To get the most out of any diet you undertake, make sure you complement it with some exercise. Working out gives you a metabolism boost, which makes it easier to maintain a healthy body weight.

Exercise also tones and shapes your muscles, improving your physique. When you feel good about the way you look, you are more willing to take the extra steps it takes to stay in good shape like eating primarily healthy foods.

When it comes to exercising, an easy way to make your routine stick is by making it fun. When your workouts are fun and exciting, you look forward to your next workout instead of dreading it. Working out becomes the highlight of your day, the one thing you are always looking forward to.

It’s one of the reasons why martial arts classes are great for personal fitness. You gain all the benefits of exercising while having too much fun to realize how hard you are working.

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