6 Ways To Become A Better You Before New Year!

The holidays are upon us – a time of gathering with friends, feasting and indulging in all the “bad stuff” right before starting fresh in the New Year. Let’s face it, how many of us have actually stuck to our New Year’s resolutions? We all have these grand ideas of living a healthier, more active life – but why can’t we stick to it? 

The answer is simple: don’t wait till the New Year. Instead of procrastinating and living la vida loca for the rest of the year, why not start today? Let’s start listening to what our minds, bodies and souls are really craving for and stop with the last minute, lofty resolutions.

Here are Evolve Daily’s tips on how to make quick, simple changes for a spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically healthier lifestyle:


1) Do what makes you happy!

Seems pretty straightforward, right? If we enjoy what we do, then we’ll be happy! If Mondays stress you out, make it easier on yourself by starting your workweek on Sunday. If you need a cheat day, take one! Do something fun – take up a martial art, have dinner with friends. do some yoga, watch a movie, do more martial arts. The more stressed out you are, the unhealthier you’ll feel. Doing things you love means you’ll do it more often, releasing all the feel-good chemicals.


2) Get more sleep!

Many of us lack sleep. Whether it’s because we’re catching up on our deadlines or on our friends on social media, we end up feeling tired the next day because we haven’t logged enough quality sleeping hours. Studies show that sleeping 7-9 hours a night helps your body manage the hormones that affect your mood, metabolism and insulin sensitivity. By giving your body ample time to rest, you’ll definitely feel more rejuvenated the next day!



3) Think positive!

If you believe it, it will happen. The more positive thoughts we have, the better our chances are of doing better. We should always believe that we are capable of anything that we set our minds to, because inside us is potential that is just waiting to be unleashed. The more negative we are, the more stressed out we’ll feel, putting us off from doing what we can to become the best version of ourselves possible.


4) Get out there!

Step away from your laptop, turn off your phone and enjoy life outside social media. Sometimes, we get so caught up with what other people are doing, wearing, and eating that we forget that we should be doing something exciting with our own lives as well. Start living life to the fullest and stop thinking about everyone else. After all, the most important person in your life should be you!


5) Eat better!

Eating clean doesn’t have to be as painful as it sounds. Try to include at least one healthy meal to your regular diet and start from there. You can also try and make your meals more exciting by experimenting with different spices, flavors, and styles of cooking. Feeling lazy? Whip up a nutrient-packed green shake or a simple salad. You don’t have to eat indulgent, fatty meals for it to taste good!


6) Respect your body!

Your body is the only one you’ve got, so you better take care of it! Nourish it by eating the right food and take care of it by being active. You don’t have to be an athlete; you can start by finding sports or activities that interest you and work from there. The more interested you are in something, the more you’ll want to keep on doing it, so don’t stress yourself out by doing a workout that you dread.


By keeping our goals simple, it will be easier to start acting on them ASAP. Instead of waiting till the New Year to make resolutions that we won’t keep, we should start small and start today. After all, it doesn’t make sense to wait. Your body, mind and soul have been craving for change all year round- trust us!



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