7 Easy New Year Resolutions That You’ll Be Able To Keep

Now that we’re already a week into 2017, how has the year been treating you so far? And have you made any New Year resolutions? Well, if you haven’t because you’re afraid that you wouldn’t be able to keep them, then fret not – because you’re not alone. We at Evolve Daily understand that the struggle is real, especially when some of the resolutions aren’t easy enough to keep. So we’ve compiled a list of some simple resolutions that would not only be easy to keep, but benefit your health as well. 

Ready to make this your healthiest year ever? Today, Evolve Daily shares 7 Easy New Year Resolutions That You’ll Be Able To Keep:

1) Start every day with a happy thought

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is also known as “the gentle art”.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a positive affirmation or something you’re grateful for, there’s no better way to start every day than with a positive thought – and a smile on your face. So why not make it a point to start every day happy? Take a moment to appreciate someone or something, or remind yourself how awesome you are (yes, you’re really worth much more than you sometimes let yourself think!)

By constantly doing this, you would eventually make it a habit and begin every day would feeling good. Psst! It also helps to do this right before you drift off to sleep at night, so as to end the day well and take care of your mental well being.


2) Cut out sugar once a day

ONE Superstars Eddie Ng and Amir Khan work on their grappling at the Evolve Fighters Program.

It’s no secret that sugar is an extremely harmful ingredient that wreaks havoc on your health. Besides the fact that it contributes to tooth decay, sugar also puts you at risk of heart disease and diabetes and can also lead to cancer. Unfortunately, it is highly addictive – which could be the reason why you get those sweet cravings.

If you know that you’re addicted to sugar, then now’s the time to stop feeding your addiction! It helps to choose a specific time of the day (maybe after lunch or dinner) where you usually munch on a sweet treat, and either completely cut it out or replace it with a healthier alternative, like fruits. By reducing your sugar intake, you would eventually decrease your cravings.


3) Opt for water whenever you need to get a drink

ONE Superstar Alex Silva takes a quick water break.

We’re pretty sure you already know by now, that you should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. However, sometimes we fail to stay hydrated – simply because we don’t make drinking water a priority until we feel thirsty, but that’s already an early sign of dehydration.

A good way to ensure you’re drinking enough water is to choose water whenever you reach out for a drink. Besides being calorie-free, water would also aid in digestion and help your body function at its best. So ditch the unhealthy sodas and drink water instead!


4) Pack a healthy lunch once a week

Punching a heavy bag improves core stability and coordination.

Besides being a great way to save some money on your meals, having a packed lunch also gives you more control over the ingredients that go into your meal. That means you can more easily prepare something nutritious that will benefit your body. What’s more, you can avoid the lunch crowd and potential unhealthy choices as well.

It takes commitment to pack lunch daily, so we suggest starting once a week and seeing how things go. Even if you end up sticking to weekly packed lunches, you would ultimately still enjoy the benefits and save some money!


5) Make it a point to exercise once a week

BJJ enables a smaller person to overcome bigger, stronger opponents.

While it’s ideal to work out thrice a week to maintain an active lifestyle, we know it can be tough to get started – especially when the thought of heading to the gym fills you with dread and you’re just so busy. That’s why we believe that it helps to ensure that you work out once a week, to not just burn those calories, but also get your momentum going. Now, before you protest, think about it: one hour is only 4% of your day, so no excuses!


6) Try something new every month

Martial arts is a great way to bullyproof your little ones.

When was the last time you tried something new for the first time? Whether it’s trying a new dish at your usual lunch spot or attending that first Muay Thai class, one thing’s for sure: you have to do it! Besides adding excitement to your life, trying something new on a regular basis would also make you bolder while enabling you to embrace change. It might seem scary at first, especially when you never know what could happen, but trust us, you wouldn’t regret it.


7) Get 8 hours of sleep for an entire week

8 x BJJ World Champion and ONE Superstar Michelle Nicolini trains hard at the Evolve Fighters Program.

Be honest. How much sleep do you get every night? If your answer is “not enough”, then you’re not alone. Due to the many distractions and things that can keep us up at night, it’s no surprise that a large percentage of the population is sleep deprived. However, sleep is crucial for your body to repair and function effectively – as well as keep those unhealthy cravings and mood swings at bay. So why not do yourself a favor and start getting those much needed quality ZZZ’s?


So tell us, which of these resolutions are you going to keep this year?

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