7 Of The Worst Foods For Fat Loss

When looking to make a dietary change, there are many foods that you should consider adding to your diet. Knowing what foods should be on your plate is obviously important to know. But did you know that sometimes it could be what you don’t eat that actually helps you shed those pesky pounds? For starters, some foods have a high fat or sugar content, which basically gets in the way of the fat melting process.

All of us at Evolve Daily know that it’s not easy to lose that unwanted fat. That’s why we’re here to help! Today, Evolve Daily reveals The 7 Worst Foods For Fat Loss:

1) White Rice 

Yes, we know. This is a staple for some of you, and you can’t not include rice in your meals. But here’s the thing: white rice is a simple carb, which means that it lacks fiber and other nutrients. What’s more, white rice causes your blood sugar levels to spike and then drop, hence, leaving you hungry and in need of an energy fix (more food) even though you just had your meal not too long ago.

Instead of white rice, reach out for brown rice instead. Being a complex carb, brown rice contains the nutrients that white rice lacks. Also, it takes more time to be broken down by your body, hence, you’ll have more energy throughout the day while staying full for longer periods of time.


2) Refined Pasta

Like white rice, refined pasta doesn’t have the fiber and nutrients that whole wheat pasta has, due to the fact that refined pasta has been processed. So basically, whatever you read in #1 about white rice and brown rice also applies to this! Choosing whole wheat pasta over refined pasta would also increase your fiber intake, that means your body will be able to digest food and get rid of toxins more effectively.


3) Energy Bars 

While energy bars are an easy snack to eat when you’re on-the-go, you’re better off having a bag of nuts or an apple – if you intend to lose weight. This is because energy bars are high in fructose, due to the fact that they are loaded with corn syrup and sugar, as well as artificial sweeteners. So you might as well be eating candy bars! So the next time you feel the need to munch on something light, why not dig into some of these healthy snacks?


4) Fast Food

It’s no secret that fast food is bad for your health. Yet we sometimes choose to eat our favorite burgers and French fries – simply because it’s convenient, and we like the way it tastes. However, fast food is high in unhealthy fats and sugar, making it one of the worst things to eat if you’re trying to lose weight (especially if you go for upsized portions!)

If you absolutely can’t give up fast food, then we suggest making your favorite fast food at home – with healthy ingredients such as whole grain buns, lean meat, and salad.


5) Sugary Breakfast Cereal 

Many people think of cereal as a healthy breakfast option. However, this isn’t always true, depending on your cereal of choice. As most commercial cereals contain processed carbs and sugars, you’d have to take a closer look at the ingredients on the box label to ensure that you’re not sabotaging your weight loss first thing in the morning!


6) Frosting 

Yes, we know. Frosting looks and tastes delicious, especially when on top of cupcakes or donuts. However, it would take you further away from your fat loss goals – because it is loaded with sugar, trans fat, and calories! If you don’t already know, trans fats can lower good cholesterol while raising bad cholesterol, and also add inches to your waistline.


7) Processed Meats 

Processed meats contain a lot of saturated fat, which plays a part in weight gain. Also, it has been found that red meat is also connected to weight gain when consumed over time – so you’d want to ensure that you don’t eat too much of it, too often. To avoid messing with the fat loss process, opt for lean meats or choose fish, which is a lower saturated fat protein source.


Now that you know what foods to avoid, eliminate them all from your diet and get into the best shape of your life!

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