7 Rules of Healthy Eating With ONE Superstar Angela Lee

It’s safe to say that ONE Superstar Angela Lee knows a thing or two about healthy eating. After all, being an athlete practically all her life has helped her develop eating habits that enhance her performance, making her stronger, faster, and fitter overall.

Because of her diet, she’s developed an amazing lean physique that has come to be the envy of women (and even some men) everywhere. Today, Evolve Daily shares Angela Lee’s 7 special rules she abides by to keep her body at the peak of fitness.

Here’s Angela Lee’s 7 Rules Of Healthy Eating:

1) Start your day right.


ONE Superstar Angela Lee is also a Pankration World Champion and a state wrestling champion.

Angela  believes in starting off the day with a healthy, filling breakfast. This way, she gets the energy she needs for her morning training, keeping her satiated till lunchtime. Following this rule will also prevent you from going all out during lunch, which often results in a lull in productivity for the rest of the day.


2) Stay away from processed meats.

ONE Superstar Angela Lee considers UFC Women's Bantamweight World Champion Ronda Rousey as her role model.

ONE Superstar Angela Lee considers UFC Women’s Bantamweight World Champion Ronda Rousey as her role model.

With all the fuss about processed meat these days, it’s no surprise that Angela has cut it all out from her diet. Bacon, sausages, salami – you name it. According to Angela, processed meats have a lot of harmful preservatives and additives not normally present in fresh meat. Studies show that the more processed meats you eat, the higher your chances of developing cancer and heart disease.


3) Switch from simple carbs to complex carbs.


ONE Superstar Angela Lee trains hard with the World Champions of the Evolve MMA Fight Team.

For many people, the thought of eating carbs might sound like a kiss of death. To them, it could mean instant weight gain and a bloated stomach. Angela, on the other hand, believes that carbs are an important source of energy. Taking them out of your diet completely might leave you drained easily, which isn’t the best idea if you’re training. Instead, she believes that switching from simple carbs to complex carbs is a much better idea.

Simple carbs are usually found in processed foods, while complex carbs are from whole, unprocessed foods from plant sources. Replacing potato chips, white rice and bread with fruit, whole grains and vegetables will definitely make all the difference, giving you the carbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals you need for the day.


4) Eat more carbohydrates in the morning so that you have energy to fuel you throughout the day.

19-year-old Angela Lee walks out with thousands of screaming fans chanting her name at ONE: ODYSSEY OF CHAMPIONS in Jakarta on 27 Sep 2015. GLOBALMMANEWS / Photo Credit: ONE Championship

19-year-old Angela Lee walks out with thousands of screaming fans chanting her name at ONE: ODYSSEY OF CHAMPIONS in Jakarta on 27 Sep 2015.

Skipping morning training is a definite no-no for Angela, which is why having a nutritious, filling breakfast is important for her. Part of Angela’s breakfast is a healthy serving of complex carbohydrates, which gives her the energy she needs for the rest of the day. After all, for someone who trains twice a day, having lots of energy is definitely a must.


5) Include natural protein in your diet.

ONE Superstar Angela Lee and her siblings all have trained martial arts ever since they were old enough to crawl.

ONE Superstar Angela Lee and her siblings all have trained martial arts ever since they were old enough to crawl.

There’s no doubt that protein is a great way to recover from a grueling workout. In fact, you’ll find many athletes filling their shaker bottles with scoops of protein powder to give them the boost they need for their next training session. Although protein powder may be a great supplement, Angela suggests including natural protein in your diet as well. Chicken breast, fish, tofu, and quinoa are great sources of protein and are also full of other nutrients that you won’t find in protein powder.


6) Not a fan of eating vegetables and fruit? Grab a smoothie!

Not everyone enjoys the crunchy, fibrous taste of fruits and vegetables, especially if they’re tasteless, overly bitter or sour. Although it may be good for us, our dislike for eating fruits and vegetables might prevent us from eating healthy. Angela recommends blending your fruits and vegetables into a smoothie instead.

A smoothie is an easy way to get your daily serving of fruits and vegetables in one go and is relatively more painless than eating a salad or sliced fruit. In need of a smoothie recipe? Check out Evolve Daily’s selection of smoothie recipes here.


7) Eat a light dinner.


Although Angela’s forte is her ground game, she plans to take her striking to a whole new level with the help of the Muay Thai World Champions at Evolve MMA.

Although it may seem tempting to wolf down a heavy dinner, if you’re planning to lose weight and get rid of fat, this might not be the best solution. “If you’re an athlete, it’s actually healthier to have a big breakfast, moderate lunch and a small dinner,” explains Angela. This way, you’ll be able to burn and use all the calories from your heavier meals – something you most probably can’t do after dinner.


There’s no doubt that maintaining your body for optimal performance is definitely a must for any martial artist. By nourishing our bodies with a healthy, balanced diet — anything is truly possible.

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