7 Ways To Trick Your Mind Into Eating Clean

Staying on track with your diet is never the easiest thing to do. With temptation all around, sometimes, it feels simpler to just throw in the towel and gorge away on the first unhealthy snack you see. Fret not, it’s a common problem for anyone trying to cut weight or change up their diet.

To make it easier for you, we’ve researched 7 foolproof ways to make clean eating so simple, you’ll probably wonder why you’ve never thought of them in the first place.

Without further ado, here’s Evolve Daily’s 7 Ways To Trick Your Mind Into Eating Clean:

1) Out of sight, out of mind

healthy fridge

You couldn’t say no to the box of chocolates your friends gave you, it’s just sitting in the fridge, waiting for you to devour it. Should you give in? NO! Hide it behind some fruits and vegetables. Studies show that the less eye contact you make with your unhealthy snacks, the less inclined you’ll be to eat them.

Tip: Clean out your fridge regularly and strategically place your treats in places you wouldn’t normally check out.


2) Use bigger cutlery

cutlery and plate

Trick your brain into believing you’re overeating by using bigger cutlery. When we eat, we rely on visual cues to guide us through our meal. So if our eyes tell us we’re eating a lot, our brain will eventually agree. Using bigger cutlery will make it seem as if you’re eating more, even if you really aren’t.

Tip: This trick also works for the plates and bowls you eat out of. Using smaller plates and bowls provide the optical illusion of piling on more food than you really are.


3) Make it easy

woman eating salad

A study made by the Cornell Food and Brand lab found that healthy habits were easier to maintain for healthy eaters because a restaurant, store, cafeteria or spouse made fruits and vegetables more convenient. By having easy access to healthy food at all times, there’s no excuse to eat unhealthy meals!

Tip: Keep fruits and vegetables on hand – leave a bowl of fruit on your dining table or pre-pack a week’s worth of fruit and nuts in zip lock bags.


4) Prep your meals with style

pork ribs food style

Making your healthy meals more visually appealing will definitely appeal to your taste buds too! Take the time to style your food by adding lots of color and spice – all the effort will definitely work up an appetite too.

Tip: Pinterest is a great resource for meal prep inspiration – just type meal prep into the search box!


5) Create a habit

healthy grocery shopping

Start your healthy habit as early as grocery shopping day. Fill your cart with lots of fruits, vegetables, lean proteins ad healthy carbs. This way, you won’t have a choice but to prepare what’s already in your pantry – and you’ll make healthier food choices even when you go out.

Tip: Want to shop healthy and don’t know how? Check out Evolve Daily’s article on healthy grocery shopping hacks.


6) Pump yourself up!

man on beach doing pushups

Studies show that the happier or more excited we are, the more dopamine our brain releases. This makes us feel better overall and suppresses our appetite. Eat the food you enjoy but make sure it isn’t too processed or calorie laden.

Tip: What do you love to eat? Read our article on simple, healthy food switches to make clean eating painless.


7) Change the way you feel about food

woman eating salad smiling

The emotions we associate with eating certain foods have an effect on the way we think about them. For example, if we’ve felt sick after eating too many French fries, we might find ourselves swearing off them for awhile or even end up not being as fond of them as we used to be.

Tip: Use this mind trick to associate happy, positive feelings with healthy food. Remember how great you felt after eating a salad? Use that to inspire yourself to continue eating clean!


You can see that making eating clean a habit is just a matter of tweaking your emotions, thoughts and mind power to focus on becoming healthier overall. Hopefully, these mind tricks have an effect on your will power to sustain your newfound clean eating habits. Good luck!

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