9 Feelings Every Martial Artist Experiences

Martial arts are a fun and awesome way to stay healthy, active, and make new friends. But martial arts training also involves many unique situations. And whether you practice Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling or even Mixed Martial Arts, you know that there are some feelings only you get to experience.

From rank envy to being picked for technique demonstration, Evolve Daily reveals the 9 Feelings Every Martial Artist Experiences:

1) That exciting feeling we get before a class. 


The thought of training excites us, that’s why as martial artist, we always try our very best to be punctual for class. And when we arrive early, we sit along the sides waiting in anticipation for the previous class to finish, counting down the amount of sets they have left till it’s our turn!


2) That warm, fuzzy feeling we get when we’ve made a friend for life. 


If you spend a large amount of time each week with the same group of people, you’ll eventually become great friends. This is what it’s like for martial artists. The bonds we build in the gym are incomparable; whether it is with our instructors or fellow martial artists, these friendships and bonds last a lifetime and never fail to give us that warm, fuzzy feeling; they teach us family values and make our martial arts experience all the more joyful.


3) That awesome feeling we get when our instructor promotes us. 


Nothing can be compared to the feeling martial artists get when they finally get their promotion. In martial arts, a promotion doesn’t just represent our experience level; it represents the hard work and commitment we have put in, making it one of the best feelings in the world. But we never stop there, we know that with each training comes a new challenge, encouraging us to step up to the plate and improve ourselves. This allows us to turn our bad habits into good ones and brings us closer towards our goals.


4) That intense feeling we get when our instructor observes us. 


Instructors are some of the nicest people on earth, but every martial artist knows how it can be when they feel their instructors observing them in class. Instructors are our mentors and role models in martial arts, so it’s only natural that we feel the need to impress them. And when they do look at us, remember, all they want is to make sure we’re doing the right thing!


5) That glorious feeling we get when we’re picked to demonstrate a technique.

Being picked to demonstrate a technique is in many ways a compliment. Though sometimes we get a little nervous before a demonstration, knowing that we were hand picked by our instructor to perform a certain technique gives us confidence and self-belief because if they believe in us, then we should too!


6) That brave feeling we get when we’re paired with someone much bigger.


Whether it’s for sparring or drills, being paired with someone significantly bigger can be quite a challenging situation. However, we take these challenges head on knowing that it will help us build courage, confidence and ultimately improve; it is a good opportunity for us to hone our techniques against a much larger opponent and even increase our physical strength, so why not?


7) That feeling of uncertainty when we try to memorize or forget the combination/technique.


Combinations and techniques can get really complicated at times, and we often find ourselves trying very hard to remember them. Sometimes, we watch our instructors demonstrate combinations and techniques with such intensity that we forget the combination! Thankfully, our friends and fellow martial artists are always there for us, so we can rely on them to help us refresh our memories.


8) That awe-inspiring feeling when we finally “get” a difficult technique and everything clicks.


As we progress up the martial arts ladder, techniques start to become more advanced, complex and detailed. We spend hours, days, and even weeks trying to understand and get a difficult technique right. And when we finally figure it out, the feeling is simply awe-inspiring!


9) That feeling of accomplishment after a class.


Every martial artist knows how tough our training sessions can get. But that is why we love them. We are constantly pushing ourselves to the limit both physically and mentally during training. And though we get a little emotional knowing that the class has to end, we do feel a great sense of accomplishment when the class is over because we know that we’ve moved one step closer to improvement.


So, have we hit the nail in the head with this list? These are definitely the feelings that make our martial arts experience all the more fun and unique!

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