8 Reasons Why Gemini Make Great Martial Artists

As preposterous as it may sound to some people, sometimes we have to look to the stars for advice. Whether it’s about love or our careers, we can consult our zodiac charts to find out if we are truly following the right path. 

Gemini, the zodiac sign represented by a pair of twins are known to have dual personalities that make them highly adaptable and versatile. Many successful martial artists are born under this sign: Chris Weidman, Lyoto Machida, Matt Serra, Alistair Overeem, Frank Mir, and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson all possess similar personality traits that have helped them become successful in their careers.

Are you a Gemini and a martial artist? Today, Evolve Daily shares 8 Reasons Why Gemini Make Great Martial Artists: 

1) They are versatile.


Born under the symbol of the twins, Gemini are known to have dual personalities that allow them to look at any problem or situation from different perspectives. This trait makes them more open-minded and easygoing, ready to take anything that comes their way. For any martial artist, being versatile is a great quality to have, especially when you’re trying to take your skills to the next level!


2) They are enthusiastic.


Do you need a sparring partner who’ll always push you? Look no further than a Gemini. They are always full of energy. Whether it’s a grueling training day or a busy day at work, they’ll take it on with a smile on their face. They don’t need any pep talks or caffeine, they’re perpetually ready for anything!


3) They are intellectuals.

Rodrigo Nogueira vs Frank Mir

Before a Gemini makes a decision, you can be sure that they’ve weighed the positives and negatives beforehand. They’re also very eager learners, always interested in expanding their knowledge. Interested in learning the details behind Shinya Aoki’s flying submissions? The Gemini next to you probably has the all the notes!


4) They are confident.


Need an opinion on something? Gemini will be the first to volunteer! They know what they want and need, and aren’t afraid to say what they think. They have a strong sense of self and don’t need validation from anyone.


5) They are great team players.


Of all the zodiac signs, Gemini is one of the most cooperative. They’re big people persons who thrive on the energy of others. They’ll be at every tournament, cheering their teammates on at the top of their lungs. Looking for someone with great team spirit? Gemini is definitely your guy or girl.


6) They are adventurous.


One of the most free-spirited of all the zodiac signs, Gemini are always ready for an adventure. Whether it’s joining a competition half way around the world or going to a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu camp in Rio, you can count on Gemini to try anything!


7) They are independent.


You don’t have to tell Gemini what to do; they’re probably already way ahead of you. They’ll stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even if they have to do it on their own. In fact, they’d probably prefer it that way.


8) They are loyal.


You can count on a Gemini for anything. As a trusted friend, great teammate or partner, Gemini is fiercely loyal when it comes to people that they care about. They believe in creating meaningful and lasting relationships – there’s no doubt a Gemini will be your friend for life!


Tell us, which zodiac sign do you think makes the best martial artist?

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