8 Signs You Are Getting Better At Muay Thai (Even If You Don’t Realize It)

So perhaps you’ve been training Muay Thai for quite some time, but feel like you’re not making progress. Well, firstly, don’t be disheartened if you haven’t levelled up yet. After all, your priority should be to make every training session count.

And whether you realize it or not, you’re actually improving and making steady progress just by constantly showing up for training. So don’t worry too much about getting to your destination because you’ll eventually make it there. Instead, enjoy your journey and look out for the following signs to see if you’re improving!

Today, Evolve Daily shares 8 Signs You Are Getting Better At Muay Thai (Even If You Don’t Realize It):

 1) You don’t gas out as easily while training


Muay Thai utilizes a beautiful symphony of kicks, punches, knees, and elbows with fluidity and grace.

Do you remember how exhausted you were after your first Muay Thai training session? Well, you’re not the only one! We remember having to pause for quick breathers here and there during our first few sessions as well.

Muay Thai is an extremely intense and physically demanding sport. So if you find that you’re able to make it through your training session without gassing out – or even attend back-to-back lessons – you’re definitely getting better!


2) You get asked to demonstrate techniques


The shin block is a good way to defend against the roundhouse kick.

This one’s a pretty obvious sign. If your instructor calls you to the front of class to demonstrate a certain technique, it means that you’re executing it flawlessly.

Also, if you get asked to lead the warm-up, it means that your instructor is confident in your ability to take everyone through the necessary stretches and exercises before training. And in our books, this is definitely a sign of improvement!


3) You’ve started sparring  


Sparring gives you a better idea of timing and distance.

When your instructor gives you the green light to participate in sparring sessions, it means that he believes you’re ready to take your Muay Thai training to the next level. Also, it could be because you’ve shown him that you have good stamina and all the necessary techniques nailed down.

If you’re new to sparring, don’t be afraid to try it out even if it seems scary. Trust us, it would help you elevate your game and enable you to make sense of everything you’ve learned in class!


4) You’re much faster at executing combinations


Shadowboxing is a great way to warm up for training.

At the start of your Muay Thai journey, you might have been a bit uncoordinated or unsure of how to throw certain strikes. But over time, you managed to understand and have a good grasp of the various techniques. Hence, you’re now able to execute different combinations at a much higher speed.


5) Your strikes are more explosive


Training with a heavy bag improves power and coordination.

Apart from speed, strength is something that comes to you when you make progress in Muay Thai. This is because your training consists of bodyweight exercises and movements that activate your various muscle groups. So when you notice that you’re executing more powerful strikes, it means you’re improving!

The best part about this is that you’ll be growing stronger not just physically, but also mentally. Hence, you’ll be able to keep pushing past your limits and continue to get better.


6) You can defend more effectively


The knee is a fundamental strike in Muay Thai.

When you improve in Muay Thai, you’ll be able to react much faster. Therefore, your defense would be much stronger, because you can now block your opponent’s strikes more effectively. Also, having a faster reaction time means you’ll be able to spot openings more quickly and land some good strikes on your opponent.


7) You’re thinking of trying out for the competition team


You can burn up to 1,000 calories in a 60-minute Muay Thai training session.

At some point, you might get more confident in your ability to fight Muay Thai, and decide to put your skills to the test by joining upcoming competitions. We’re pretty sure you wouldn’t have this confidence after your first few sessions, so this probably means that you subconsciously feel yourself progressing and that’s why you’re even thinking about competing.

We believe that it’s worth going for the tryouts if you’ve been thinking about it. After all, if you never try, you’ll never know just how far you can go as a martial artist.


8) Your friends ask you for help with techniques  


Muay Thai helps to develop focus and discipline in your kids.

You’ll know that you’ve gotten better at Muay Thai when your friends in class ask you to explain or break down complex techniques for them. After all, they wouldn’t ask someone who’s just as confused as they are!

When this happens, you should help them out because this would actually help deepen your understanding of the techniques and contribute to your progress in Muay Thai!


If you’ve noticed one (or more) of these signs, then congratulations from all of us at Evolve Daily! You’ve been steadily improving in Muay Thai, so keep up the good work and continue to train hard.

While it’s worth celebrating these improvements, don’t forget to keep working on getting 1% better each day. By doing so, you’ll be able to stay on top of your game and get into the best shape of your life!

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