8 Types Of People You’ll Meet In A Martial Arts Gym

Anyone who trains martial arts knows other martial artists (and themselves included) can be quite the characters. After all, it takes a certain kind of person to spend countless hours in a gym, working on becoming better, stronger and faster everyday in the pursuit of excellence. If you’re a martial artist, you know exactly what we’re talking about.

Here are the 8 Types Of People You’ll Meet in A Martial Arts Gym:

1) The Endorphin Junkie

woman box jump

Common Habitat: Any martial arts gym, waiting anxiously for the next class to begin.

Known for: A source of boundless energy, the Endorphin Junkie attends 2-3 martial arts classes a day. And if she’s really in the mood, she’ll top it off with a strength and conditioning class after – all with a smile on her face. There’s just no stopping this woman!


2) The Martial Artist

angela lee evolve fight team

Common Habitat: The mirrors – she’s using them to check her wai kru or her form while shadow boxing.

Known for: Her passion for martial arts, inspired by great martial arts legends and World Champions. After all, it’s what drives her to train every single day. This woman wants nothing more than to continue her martial arts journey and hopefully achieve all her goals in the not-so-distant future.


3) The Fighter

BRUNO_Nicholas Goh Photography - 4-9-15-32

Common Habitat: The Evolve MMA Fighters Program

Known for: Whether it’s to achieve the highest levels of martial arts (amateur or professional) or to finally have a ONE Championship title belt around his/her waist, The Fighter is no stranger to hard work and discipline. After all, getting to the top is no easy feat for anyone (don’t they know it).


4) The BJJ Mat Rat


Common Habitat: The BJJ mats, of course

Known for: Being BJJ technique savvy. He spends all his time drilling or watching BJJ videos online. Want to know what’s going on in the BJJ scene? The BJJ Mat Rat knows about all the latest tournaments and news. He also has the best BJJ notebook in class.


5) The Resident

image4 (2)

Common Habitat: The gym, where else?

Known for: Being at the gym 24/7. It doesn’t matter if they’ve attended a class or not, the Resident lives in the academy and loves being in the gym so much that it’s become her second home. Don’t be surprised if everyone knows her by name!  She’s also been mistaken for an instructor or teammate once or twice already!


6) The Muay Thai Buff

muay thai students

Common Habitat: In Muay Thai class, sitting close to wherever the Muay Thai class is being held, or wherever the Muay Thai instructors are sitting.

Known for: Whether they’re walking around in their Muay Thai shorts, ankle guards and handwraps or shadowboxing after class, it’s pretty easy to spot a Muay Thai buff! And don’t even try to imagine a Muay Thai buff in any class other than Muay Thai; they’ve sworn an oath to stick to the ancient art and have also made Thailand their #1 getaway destination.


7) The Lean, Green Clean Eating Machine


Common Habitat: Juice bars, salad bars, the organic food section at the grocery store

Known for: Knowing the “clean” version of every single meal. Want to know how to count your macros or how to make your own green smoothie? The Lean, Green Clean Eating Machine knows all and does all. Don’t bother asking him out for a beer after training – he’ll probably look at you with disgust!


8) The Competitor

muay thai competition team training

Common Habitat: Back on the mats after class or shadow boxing in a corner after training

Known for: Crazy persistence. Tell the competitor to go home or get some rest and he’ll most likely ignore you and keep on training. There’s no stopping this guy – he’s got his mind set on becoming a champion someday and all we can do is support him in any way possible!


Tell us, do you know anyone who fits these descriptions? If you find yourself agreeing to one or more of the above, embrace the martial artist within and keep on training!

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