9 Awesome Ways Your Life Changes After Starting BJJ

We’ve heard countless stories about how people’s lives have changed because of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). Whether it’s because they’ve lost 10 kilos or become healthier, happier individuals, there’s no doubt that the benefits of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are endless. The more they practice BJJ, the more changes they see. They find themselves performing techniques as if it were second nature whereas just a few months ago, they were struggling. They start to do better in sparring, surviving rolls with higher belts and feeling less intimidated by their opponents. Before they realize it, they’re ready to receive their next stripe or belt, and being promoted is just an added bonus.

If you’ve been training BJJ for awhile, perhaps you can relate to some of these. Today, Evolve Daily shares 9 Awesome Ways Your Life Changes After Starting BJJ:

1) You’ve lost weight unexpectedly 

Since starting BJJ, you’ve noticed that your pants aren’t as tight as they once were. You’ve also gotten compliments from friends and family on how much weight you’ve lost. The best part is that you weren’t doing anything extraordinary. You’ve just been making better food choices (to help you perform better on the mats, of course) and training often. Because you’ve been so focused on getting better at BJJ, without even really trying, you’ve lost weight — isn’t that such an awesome side-effect?


2) You’ve spent more on a gi than on other clothes 

The spider guard is one of the most difficult BJJ guards to pass.

The spider guard is one of the most difficult BJJ guards to pass.

Gis don’t come cheap. You of all people should know, because you’ve spent quite the pretty penny on them. Why not? You like to look good on the mats, and you deserve it after achieving a personal goal or two. You have no qualms about spending on gis, but surprise surprise, you find yourself thinking twice when it comes to other clothes. Sure, gis are made of weave upon weave of high quality cotton and some have awesome embroidery — that makes it so much easier to splurge on a gi, right?


3) You spar with everyone you meet 

BJJ National Champion Thiago "Guli" Kozama's favorite position is the half-guard.

BJJ National Champion Thiago “Guli” Kozama’s favorite position is the half-guard.

Not literally of course, but we’re pretty sure you’ve imagined yourself sparring your annoying younger brother, that guy who stepped on your foot in the MRT, the girl who stole your seat at the coffeeshop, your boss — the list goes on. Ever since you’ve started BJJ, especially sparring, you can’t help but size everyone you come across up and wonder how you’d do against them on the mats.


4) You see BJJ everywhere 

ONE Superstar Jake Butler and BJJ Nationals Champion Eduardo Novaes work on their submissions at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

ONE Superstar Jake Butler and BJJ Nationals Champion Eduardo Novaes work on their submissions at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

In the movies (you swear you saw Scarlett Johansson do a flying armbar in the Avengers), at home (your significant other hugging you from behind could take on a whole other meaning once he/she gets his/her hooks in), at the playground (those monkey bars look great for building grips) — you’ve got BJJ on the mind and you can’t help but see it in everything that you do. Who knows, maybe it’s a sign that you need to train more?


5) Your saved YouTube playlist is full of BJJ tutorials

When you can’t train (which could mean you’re either lying in bed, or on the way to training) what’s a BJJ fanatic like you going to do? Watch video tutorials, of course! Staying up to date with the latest techniques or being able to finally plug those pesky holes in your game is all possible at the comfort of your own home, thanks to technology. And as addicted as you are, of course you have more than a few videos saved for reference. Staying on top of your game is so much easier this way!


6) You have a hard time relating to people who don’t train BJJ

Sparring is a great way to test the techniques you've learned in class.

Sparring is a great way to test the techniques you’ve learned in class.

Because you’ve been training so much, you’ve surrounded yourself with all things BJJ. Videos, friends, and even BJJ related clothing seems to have infiltrated your wardrobe. When you meet someone who doesn’t train BJJ, you find it difficult to relate to him/her because he/she doesn’t train. He/she doesn’t understand why you say “OSS” in reply to everything or why you’re always training. It’s because they don’t and sometimes, you just don’t have the energy to explain your obsession.


7) All your friends (or most of them) also do BJJ

The friendships you forge through martial arts are friendships you'll have for a lifetime.

The friendships you forge through martial arts are friendships you’ll have for a lifetime.

Number 6 says it all. You’re always training BJJ or talking about training BJJ that people outside BJJ confuse you. Thus, you’ve surrounded yourself by people who also share the same obsession as you. From your Facebook newsfeed to your Whatsapp messages, it’s all about BJJ from people who do BJJ. It’s so much easier to relate to people who love the same things you do and who understand your obsession with BJJ — don’t you think so?


8) You have grips of steel

Every promotion brings you one step closer to receiving your black belt.

Every promotion brings you one step closer to receiving your black belt.

Have you ever made someone wince after shaking his/her hand? Or has your significant other complained that you’re gripping him/her too hard? All that BJJ training has undoubtedly made your grips stronger, and whether you realize it or not, you unconsciously use your skills in your life outside the mats. The next time someone complains, apologize and do it a little lighter the second time around.


9) You find yourself wanting to compete, even if you’ve never done it before

Before you started training BJJ, you had never imagined you would compete. You probably didn’t even think you would train BJJ. But as you progressed and continued to train regularly, you’ve become more confident and eager to test your skills. That’s one of the best things about BJJ — it gives you the confidence you never knew you had!


There’s no doubt that there are many physical and mental benefits to practicing BJJ. The more we train and see ourselves improving, the more inspired we become to push ourselves even further. By doing this, we become even more devoted to BJJ, and see more and more of the qualities mentioned above in ourselves. So tell us, which of these ways are you guilty of?

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