After Trying It, This Is Why You’ll Be Hooked On Martial Arts For Life

People often look for a new direction. It can come in the form of a new job, a new piece of technology, or even a new haircut. Embarking on a new beginning is such a great feeling, it gives us an intense jolt of vigor and motivates us to be our absolute best.

One thing people love is to kick start their fitness. Joining a gym can give those looking to shed unwanted pounds some hope and motivation. For some people, traditional fitness regimes can over time become stale, and people often don’t last long doing them. That being said, martial arts is a perfect catalyst for a newer, healthier you. There are so many benefits to doing martial arts, and it can easily be weaved into one’s lifestyle.

From the physical improvement to the enhancement of both your mental and spiritual well-being, martial arts paves the way for people to reach their peak as human beings. The changes you see in yourself, help ensure that you’ll come back for more.

If you’re thinking of joining a martial arts gym and are still on the fence about it, take a step back with us and examine some of the factors which make martial arts training so unique in its holistic approach to health and wellness.

Today, Evolve Daily details exactly Why You’ll Be Hooked on Martial Arts For Life.


1) It’s a complete lifestyle change

Positive change doesn’t happen overnight. There are so many factors that go into changing one’s lifestyle that really takes a little bit of time to get right. From altering your rest and sleep habits to changing the way you approach your diet, fitness is a full-time ordeal.

If you have ever wanted to lose weight and get fit before, you know that crash dieting is not effective at all and can do more harm than good. For a fitness regiment to become effective, it needs to be nurtured through time.

A complete lifestyle change requires long-term dedication. Joining a martial arts gym will allow you to thrive in a positive environment dedicated to helping you reach your goal. Becoming a martial artist will open up a door to many countless possibilities that you never thought were available.

After all, success is so much sweeter when you realize you can keep the results after a long period of hard work. You’ll not only feel fitter and healthier but also fulfilled.


2) There are no shortcuts to optimal fitness

BJJ World Champion and ONE Superstar Alex Silva trains hard at the Fighters Program at Evolve MMA.

If you are serious about your health and fitness then you know there is absolutely no shortcut to getting to where you want to by physically and mentally. It’s a process, one that is sure to help you rediscover what you think is humanly possible.

No one who ever sought optimal physical fitness and health ever found a truly effortless path. In order to achieve your dream body, you have to put in the work. That’s just the plain and simple truth.

Getting to the best version of you takes time. Joining a martial arts gym will help you get from point A to point B while having the most fun along the way. After all, by doing martial arts, you will learn that the fun is in the journey rather than the destination.

We know it’s hard to achieve results. What’s even harder is keeping those results and maintaining your health and fitness. Martial arts, however, makes doing that a lot easier. By practicing martial arts, your mind as much as your body is stimulated and what you experience is a holistic enhancement of your physical and mental well-being. This is something that once you’ve experienced, you won’t know how you survived without it before.


3) Learn self-defense along the way

There is so much more to martial arts than physical fitness and losing weight. The benefits of martial arts training surpass what you do simply within your physical body. A lot of martial arts has to do with unlocking your mental capacity by learning ancient self-defense techniques which have been cultivated throughout history.

Discover the intricate science of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, a martial art that has been around since the late 1800’s. Learn how to throw a punch properly in boxing, a style of pugilism which was developed as early as the 16th century. Martial arts has been around since the beginning of man, and studying it unlocks a myriad of opportunities to learn its subtle nuances.

Learning how to defend yourself is a basic human right. Everyone should be able to possess the power to protect themselves and the people they love. That’s a basic necessity. Joining a martial arts gym not only helps you get fit but also empowers you with the physical and mental tools of self-defense. The excitement you get from finally being able to pull off a technique you struggled with at first is addictive. The more you learn, the more engrossed and committed you will get, and all of a sudden martial arts will be an important part of your life.


4) Martial arts is a fun new hobby

The friendships formed through martial arts are truly special.

Perhaps what will keep you even more hooked to martial arts is the undeniable fact that it is an activity that promises to engage you in all new ways. Yes, the rumors are true. There is no workout more enjoyable than martial arts.

There’s just something about taking to the mats and hitting the pads, practicing your footwork, proper striking techniques, your rolls, and transitions, that makes martial arts such a joy.

In fact, because you’re having so much fun, you will probably lose track of how many calories you’re burning (and you’ll certainly be expending a lot of energy). Which is a good thing, because the fun will easily take the struggle out of losing weight.

There comes a certain point during your martial arts journey when it transforms your workout from being just a workout to being your fun new hobby. One of the reasons why people can’t stick with a workout routine is because they aren’t having fun, you won’t have that problem with martial arts.


5) The gym becomes your happy place, your new sanctuary

Staying balanced allows you to execute a kick with full force and throw your whole body weight into the kick.

Sometimes, it’s hard to push ourselves to go to the gym. After a long, tiring day at school or at work, going to the gym becomes a dreadful idea because really, we just want to go home, kick back and relax. You won’t experience that with martial arts.

If you train in martial arts, the gym becomes your happy place, your new sanctuary.

One of the main reasons why you will love training in martial arts is because of the people you train with. Martial arts is a group activity, and you will make many new best friends and build lasting relationships. Training and having fun together with friends is ultimately what makes martial arts such an enjoyable experience.

Even more than the physical and mental benefits to training, the discovery of self-defense and learning various fighting disciplines, martial arts provides gym-goers with a place where they belong.

Essentially, reaching your full physical and mental potential is not a solitary pursuit. Along the way, you’ll meet like-minded people who will help you along your journey, and you will all be martial artists for life.


Many people starting martial arts for the first time often question whether they will be able to stick to training permanently. Having often started and stopped many other activities, it’s not uncommon for people to be skeptical about the changes they will experience and if they will be able to stick with martial arts. As explained above, martial arts is a unique activity that helps people grow and develop physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Any martial artist will tell you that martial arts isn’t just an activity to pass the time, it is a lifestyle.

Curious to experience for yourself what makes martial arts so special? Give it a go!

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