An Open Letter To The Women Who Are “Too Strong”

Dear Empowered Woman,

I know it hasn’t been a smooth journey to get to where you are today. And some days, it still feels like an uphill battle. But here’s the thing: you’ve come so far from day 1, and until today, you continue to move forward rather than back – even if taking that next step forward requires you to exhaust all that strength from within.

People may not see it, but the truth is that you’ve gone through so much, sacrificed those precious hours of sleep and even cried yourself to sleep during the difficult days. But despite everything, you soldiered on. You always kept your focus on your goals because you ultimately know what you want. And hey, you’re well on your way to turning all those dreams into reality – slowly but surely.

Every time you fall, you choose to pick yourself up immediately rather than feel sorry for yourself, because sometimes being strong is the only choice you have – especially when you wish to make progress and grow. Unfortunately, some people would love to see you fall. They’re the ones who write off your dreams and make the nasty comments about how you’re too strong / muscular / independent / fierce / loud / crazy / (whatever else that might have been thrown at you).

When those mean words get hurled at you, it hurts. And sometimes, you might even let them make you feel like you’re inadequate, or simply not doing well enough. But despite the scars and heartache, you rise above it all every time – because you refuse to get knocked down and pushed around. This is the reason why you radiate a special kind of strength, and have that flicker in your eyes. Everybody knows what you’re capable of, and that there’s nothing you can’t do.

So don’t ever feel ashamed about your strength, independence and power. Instead, keep your head high and shoulders strong – most importantly, always be true to yourself and never stop being your bold, brilliant, beautiful self.

The world is yours.

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