Avoid These 7 Temptations To Keep Those New Year’s Resolutions You’ve Made

After making those resolutions for the New Year, maybe it’s high time that you actually stick to them. Unfortunately, all the temptation around doesn’t make it any easier. In fact, studies show that fewer than 10% of New Year resolutions are kept for the entire year. Come February, your New Year’s resolutions are probably down the drain. Why not take the initiative and make this year different?

No matter what you’ve decided to pledge this year, your goal should be to actually follow through your resolutions. Today, Evolve Daily shares which temptations you should avoid to keep those New Year’s resolutions you’ve made:

1) Snacking

Multiple-time Muay Thai World Champion Sagetdao Petpayathai is one of the most decorated fighters of his era.

As tempting as it may be to reach for a candy bar or a bag of chips just because it’s so convenient, we’re telling you right now – STOP! Snacking is the start of a downward spiral into losing everything you’ve worked so hard for – why let it go to waste?

By giving in to snacking, you’re telling your body its OK to indulge. But if you MUST snack, opt for something healthy such as a handful of nuts or a slice of fruit with peanut butter.


2) Sitting and watching TV all day

The side plank is a great way to build your core.

After a long week at work, we understand how awesome it feels to just kick back and relax on the couch, watching your favorite TV series. However, a few hours of rest could turn into the whole day, making you unproductive. Also, sitting and watching TV makes you more prone to snacking.

Why not do something more productive with your time and hit the gym instead? An hour of exercise gives you an endorphin rush like no other, and it will definitely make you feel better than just sitting down and doing nothing.


3) Dessert

Skipping rope helps calcify your bones, making your shins stronger for Muay Thai.

If you’ve got a big sweet tooth, perhaps it’s time you should kick back. Desserts are notoriously filled with sugar, which spikes your insulin levels and makes you crave for more. There’s a reason why you can’t stop with just one M&M, before you realize it, you’d have finished the entire bag!

If you must have something sweet to satisfy your cravings, grab a piece of fruit. Although fruits contain sugar as well, it’s way better than the high fructose corn syrup/fake sugar you find in candy!


4) Sleeping in

Before you reach for that snooze button, you should understand what you’re giving up each time you sleep in. The option of having a healthy breakfast, or the chance of starting and ending your day earlier — and if these aren’t enough to convince you, check out our article on the benefits of waking up early!

To avoid catching a few extra zzz’s, make it a point to have an early night. Try to forego all those nights out or try to be as productive as you can at work so you can finish earlier. The more time you make to get some shut eye, the easier it will be for you to wake up!


5) Skipping your workout

Boxing World Champion Yodsanan “Little Tyson” Sityodtong is known for his deadly KOs.

Everyone needs a break every now and then from training. But opting to skip your workout because you simply don’t feel like it is a big no-no. By allowing yourself to take a break for no special reason, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Before you know it, you’ll be further away from your goals because of all those times you were lenient on yourself.

There’s no point in setting goals if you won’t put in the effort to achieve them. You should do all that you can to ensure that you’ll eventually tick your goals off your list and make new ones. You should aim to improve everyday, and you certainly won’t get there if you keep on taking breaks.


6) Happy hour with co-workers

ONE Lightweight Superstar Shinya Aoki trains hard at the Evolve MMA Fighters Program.

For many working professionals, nothing beats a long day behind a computer than an after-work drink with their co-workers. Why not? It’s a great way to bond or spend quality time with your boss. Unfortunately, the problem with happy hour is that involves alcohol. Alcohol is full of empty calories, and worse, lowers inhibitions that could be to your downfall.

If you MUST have drinks with your co-workers, keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum. Order ONE drink and sip it slowly. If you can, opt for a non-alcoholic drink to keep trouble (and unnecessary weight gain) at bay.


7) Taking the easy way out

There’s a reason it’s called the easy way out – more often than not, the easy way out requires very little effort and thought. The easy way out is half-hearted and does nothing to show what you’re capable of. There are many ways to take the easy way out – not putting 100% into your work, sitting out difficult spars, doing half the number of kicks required on the bags – nobody’s there to check on you to see if you’re doing it right, it’s all on you to get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

This year, make it a point to push yourself harder than you ever have before. It’s time you realized what you’re truly capable of. Sticking to your comfort zone and taking the easy way out won’t get you anywhere.


New Year’s resolutions are difficult to abide by when you’re surrounded by temptation. Don’t make your job harder than it is and avoid temptation when you can. There’s no doubt that the start of a new year is your chance to prove to everyone and yourself that you’re able to follow through – so make the most of it!

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