Ben Askren’s 4 Most Effective Takedowns For MMA: Revealed! (Videos)

To be at the receiving end of Ben “Funky” Askren’s takedowns means that you’re probably not going to get up anytime soon. The current ONE Welterweight World Champion, former U.S. Olympian, and Bellator Welterweight World Champion, Askren is possibly one of the best wrestlers in MMA today.

There are several elements that go into executing a successful takedown. These include speed, timing and technical knowledge. For an experienced wrestler like Ben Askren, these are just some of the qualities he already possesses — much to the dismay of his opponents.

Today, Evolve Daily gives you Ben Askren’s 4 Favorite Takedowns For MMA:

1) Double Leg Takedown vs. Suzuki
“This was one of my more dominant fights,” explains Askren. From start to finish, Askren dominated the fight, landing a well-executed double leg takedown before finishing Suzuki with strikes. Askren was unrelentless, proving that Suzuki definitely was no match for him.


2) Front Headlock vs Koreshkov

“The headlock is also one of my favorites, it’s one of the easiest ways to get your opponent’s back, strike or set up a guillotine,” says Askren. Here, Askren uses the headlock to bring Koreshkov down to the ground, placing Koreshkov’s arm and shoulder in an awkward and very painful position.


3) High Crotch vs Hieron

In this match, Askren utilizes a beautiful high crotch takedown to put Hieron on his back. Driving across Heiron’s hips, Askren lifts the secured leg and gives Heiron very little room to counter, allowing him to use his ground and pound.


4) Bodylock vs Lima 

With a firmly locked gable grip, Askren uses the bodylock takedown to bring Lima to the ground. The bodylock takedown allows for complete control over your opponent, giving you the opportunity to finish with ground and pound.


According to Askren, the formula for a successful takedown includes the following: a good set-up, timing and range. In order to add this to your MMA repertoire, Askren’s advice is constant drilling. “The more you drill, the better your timing and instincts will be,” Askren reveals.

This Friday, he is set to face Luis Santos at ONE Championship: Valor Of Champions. Will Askren’s superior wrestling reign supreme once again? Let’s watch and find out!

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