Creating a Warrior Body (Evolve Seminar)

After the Christmas and New Year reverie, start your year on the right note by learning how to keep the bulge at bay and achieve your workout goals!

A body of steel is created by working out effectively and refueling with high quality foods. In this seminar, the Evolve Fight Team members will share with students their knowledge and experience in how to take care of the body and maintain it in top condition for optimal performance.

Topics covered are:

  • Eating well for the body can be easy and affordable – food sampling and creating interesting meals with healthy ingredients
  • Proper techniques of basic workouts: maintaining proper posture when performing squats, kettlebell swings, pushups etc. for better core and spinal health
  • Simple remedies and post-workout DIY massages

VENUE: Evolve Orchard Central
DATE | TIME: 31 Jan 2015 | 9:00am – 10:30am
WHO: Evolve Students
COST: Complimentary

Sign up at the front desk of any Evolve location from 2 January 2015!
Limited slots available!

Please note that the following class will be canceled due to the seminar:
Evolve Orchard Central: BJJ (Black) – 09:15am



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