Evolve MMA Competition Team Tryouts : The Results Are In!

Last weekend, Evolve MMA organized its annual tryouts for the Evolve Competition Teams, the official amateur fight teams for Asia’s top martial arts organization. As we anticipated, the tryouts were well attended and highly competitive. All of the Evolve students that tried out showed tremendous skill, courage, and heart.

Yet, before we announce the list, let us first extend a big congratulations to every student that showed up to the try outs. Although not everyone made the team, every student that had the courage to put his or her skills to the test deserves the utmost respect.

We are very proud to have you as part of the Evolve Family. If you did not make the team, do not be discouraged. Be motivated. Many students that were not selected at the previous try outs came back this weekend and made the team. So regardless of whether or not you made the team, continue to push yourself every day in training. We are already looking forward to the next round of try outs!

After much consideration and debate, the Evolve Instructor team has compiled a final list of students who have been successful in the trials for their respective competition teams. On behalf of Evolve MMA, we’d like to congratulate the following students as the newest members of the Evolve Competition Team:


Tomokazu Hasegawa
Deon Agustine Tan
Charlton Joseph Doucette
Simon Lange
Bryan Chew Yonghan
Alder Ang Wei Neng
Hiro Yamada
Muhammad Haziq Zulkifili
Jane Tan
Brandon Goh Jun Xian
Vernon Tan
Jolene Tay
Muhammad Syahadah Najib


Justin Hannah
Lim Chun Ang
Muhammad Syafiq Bin Zukifli
Lim Chor Boon
Raphael Camargo Rodrigues


Samantha Quek


Kwan Yan Wei
Charlton Joseph Doucette



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