Evolve MMA Invades Orchard Road!


How often do you get the chance to meet and watch MMA Legends, World Champions, and ONE FC Superstars– all live?

On Saturday and Sunday, November 1 & 2, 4pm to 6 pm at Orchard Central, you’ll be able to rub shoulders with some of the greatest names in martial arts today! 

WHAT: The Evolve MMA Roadshow / Orchard Central Grand Opening

WHERE: Orchard Central Atrium @Level 1

WHEN: Saturday & Sunday, Nov 1 & 2, 4pm-6pm

This special event also includes a meet and greet with our Guest of Honor, MMA Legend and UFC World Champion Rich Franklin as well as the chance to win a Lifetime Membership with Evolve MMA and receive complimentary Evolve MMA merchandise.

Come and join us for a weekend of demonstrations by World Champions. Participate in exciting contests, photo and autograph sessions, and more!

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