Fierce Competition & Beautiful Sportsmanship Highlight The Evolve Warrior Fight Night (PHOTOS)

On Saturday the 27th of July, the Evolve family came together for another successful Evolve Warrior Fight Night. On display, this time around, were Evolve’s up and coming Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) competitors, who put on an entertaining show for the packed crowd. The amateur BJJ matches showcased fierce competition and beautiful sportsmanship, and all competitors represented themselves and their professors well.

Two BJJ competitors facing off

Fierce competition and beautiful sportsmanship were on display.

A crowd watching BJJ

It was a full house!

The blue and purple belt fight night featured eight exciting matches full of beautiful techniques and slick submissions. Speaking about his students, BJJ World Championships Silver Medalist and Evolve Instructor Almiro Barros said, “It was an amazing night, seeing our students show great technique and effort during the fights and also showing respect towards each other. It makes very proud to see our students representing the team and having fun competing together.”

BJJ back take

The BJJ matches were full of slick techniques.

A BJJ competitor with his had raised

The BJJ competitors pushed themselves to the limit.

Some of the competitors were competing for the first time, whereas others had competed before. After his match, Evolve student Michael Griffiths said, “Winning feels great but the point for competing here today was just to get the experience and to feel the strength of the Evolve family.”

two BJJ competitors shaking hands

Respect was shown throughout the night.

Evolve Warrior Fight Night 2

Another successful Evolve Warrior Fight Night saw fierce competition and beautiful sportsmanship. Congratulations to all the warriors who pushed themselves to the limit in their amateur BJJ bouts, putting on an exciting show while displaying respect and humility!

Posted by Evolve MMA on Sunday, July 28, 2019

As with all Evolve Warrior Fight Nights, there were prizes up for grabs that the competitors were vying for. Thura Lwin won the $100 cash prize for the Best Sportsmanship of the Night, Breno Guimaraes won the $500 cash prize for the Submission of the Night, and Noah Lim won the grand prize, a one-year Evolve MMA membership worth $4,000, for the Performance of the Night.

A BJJ Match

It was a night of exciting BJJ matches.

A BJJ competitor with his hands raised

All the hard work in training paid off.

Congratulations to all of the warriors who came and competed in the Evolve Warrior Fight Night! For those interested in participating next time, keep your eyes peeled for announcements regarding the next edition of the Evolve Warrior Fight Night. Keep training hard and unleash your true greatness!

A group of BJJ competitors.

All competitors deserved to be proud of their efforts.

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