Find Out What Fuels This Woman’s Love For Martial Arts

If there is one common characteristic of all successful people, it is that all of them possess the dedication to consistently improve themselves. We at Evolve MMA have seen Sunny Liu carry this same dedication in her martial arts journey.

Before joining Evolve MMA, Sunny lived the life of a typical working adult who wants to stay fit, a life where sports after work was limited to the gym, a life she describes as “mundane.”

However, Sunny found herself hooked on martial arts after attending her trial class at Evolve MMA. “The adrenaline rush I felt from punching the bags definitely got me hooked!” Sunny says.

Today, she lives a positively different life revolving around martial arts. “My life at Evolve has turned out to be more interesting, filled with all the inspiration and challenges that come with training every day,” Sunny says. “All in all, it is the healthier and more active lifestyle that makes me happier.”

BJJ 2nd stripe

This newfound love for martial arts came as a surprise even for Sunny, who at one point would never have imagined herself practicing martial arts. “In the past, martial arts was something out of my league,” she explains. “It was something I would only see in the movies or watch on TV.”

Now, she lives and breathes martial arts. She is always yearning for more training sessions and craving to learn new techniques. “I find myself loving training more and more,” Sunny exclaims. “I have also developed a crazy appetite to learn new techniques.”

The changes Sunny has experienced through her training have been undeniably rewarding. “My body has never felt as strong as it is now,” she says. “I can feel and see that my body is getting sharper like a well-maintained sword!”

PT fun training

Furthermore, Sunny has improved herself not just physically, but mentally as well. “I feel great but what makes me feel greater is the inner transformation I have experienced,” she added. “My mind has become clearer and much more focused.”

With just a year of training at Evolve MMA, Sunny has already earned her first two stripes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a promotion to Level 2 in both Muay Thai and Boxing. She is also considered by her instructors to be one of Evolve MMA’s friendliest and most dedicated students. It’s no wonder that Sunny was nominated to be Evolve MMA’s Student of the Month for March.

MT level2 promotion

The Evolve Family would like to extend Sunny our sincere congratulations on her well-deserved Student of the Month honors. We believe Sunny has what it takes to become successful in martial arts and we look forward to seeing her continue to strive for excellence in her martial arts journey here at Evolve MMA.

Here’s what Sunny’s instructors have to say about her:

Sunny enjoys training very much and everyone here at Evolve likes her. She has improved so much in skill and technique and always works very hard to learn. There is no doubt that she has what it takes to become a great martial artist.”

– Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and ONE Championship fighter Leandro Ataides 

Sunny is focused and really willing to learn more about martial arts. During our private classes, I can see that she’s always doing her best to understand the techniques. She’s very friendly with everyone and it’s always fun teaching her.”

– Muay Thai instructor, Muay Thai World Champion Orono Wor Petchpun


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