From Big To Buff: Muay Thai Helped This Actor Lose 17 Kilos In A Matter Of Months

If you’ve seen local actor Maxi Lim on TV or the silver screen, there’s a good chance you would remember him as his most well-known character: the pudgy, nerdy national serviceman, Aloysius Jin (or “Wayang King”), in the Ah Boys To Men movies. But if you see him now, you might not recognize him – mostly because of his current fit and lean build.

“When it comes to the roles I get cast in, I’m always acting as the one who gets bullied,” shares Maxi. After noticing that he kept getting similar roles, Maxi decided to shed some fat by eating right and training Muay Thai so as to prevent himself from being typecast and stuck playing the same kind of roles.

Prior to training at Evolve MMA (Far East Square), 30-year-old Maxi had actually practiced martial arts before. Hence, his interest was always there. However, he made the decision to shift his focus to his acting career after he got his break when he landed the role of Aloysius in Ah Boys To Men.

“I got really busy, so I stopped training,” he reveals. “I stopped jogging, I stopped eating right, and I started to put on a lot of weight.”

Maxi lost 17kg through his Muay Thai training and healthy eating habits.

“At my heaviest, I was 75kg. And people tend to look heavier on screen, so I think I probably looked 85kg!” he laughs.

Maxi did his Muay Thai trial class after not working out for 7 years, when a friend of his introduced Evolve MMA to him at a ONE Championship event. “Back then, I thought that my martial arts background would help me get through the class easily,” he says. “But I was embarrassed during the class because I lost all my skills entirely. I couldn’t punch or kick properly, I forgot how to breathe, and I gassed out before the trial class ended, but I decided to come back for more classes.”

As Maxi managed to land a role as an MMA fighter, he decided to increase the frequency of his training at Evolve and to watch his diet. “All the training and dieting helped me to lose 5kg for the role,” shares Maxi. However, when he was done with the role, he faced the temptation to resume his normal diet and to carry on indulging in his favorite sweet treats and beer. Fortunately, he did not succumb to it.

Maxi gave himself 100 reasons why he wanted to lose weight, and always looked back at them whenever he felt tempted to cheat on his diet.

“I wanted to challenge myself to see how much weight I could lose,” he explains. “So I went on with my diet and training at Evolve, and that helped me to lose 17kg in total.”

“It was then when I decided to attend the tryout for the Muay Thai competition team,” he adds. “I tend to quit when things get tough. I was known as the guy who would make all these new year resolutions to lose weight and then fail. But I got sick of the nonsense and also wanted to put my skills to the test and do what I love.”

It’s evident that Maxi has come a long way, from gassing out before making it to the end of his trial class to committing to a full Muay Thai fight during the competition team tryout – and actually making the team.

Maxi was a stuntman before he dabbled in acting.

“During the fight, there were moments when I thought I lost,” Maxi admits. “But despite how I felt, I was most satisfied about finishing all three rounds because I didn’t want to be a quitter. Although it was a draw, I was happy with the outcome.”

There’s no doubt that martial arts has played a part in helping Maxi to get into the best shape of his life. In fact, he believes that martial arts has given him everything that he has now. “Because of martial arts, I became a stuntman, which led to my acting career,” he shares. “And just when I thought that I had entirely given up martial arts a few years ago, I found my passion for it back at Evolve, and I’m grateful and happy about that. I can safely say that martial arts is my life.”


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